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November 29, 2008


Good job guys as always. Lucky that you get to be in Florida while Will and I are stuck in cold Toronto and Jeff in probably an even colder Halifax! Thanks a lot guys! LOL

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Flea Circus Ringmaster for commandN.tv

Ok cN'ers,

This is a beta test of the emergency broadca... wait, no it's not this is a test of the iPhone compatible flash player that blip.tv has recently released. Please test out on your iPhones and see how it loads and looks and let me know at [email protected]



@Amber, So apart from saying that the croc who tried to eat you has good taste, what happened to it? You said at the start of the show that it tried to eat you so did it get away or did you all end it eating it instead?

In the UK we lost SMS updates on Twitter over here months ago, so I haven't really been posting much on there lately. I'm surprised that you still had that service in Canada longer than we did as SMS's are cheaper over here than in Canada.

One last thing, I'm glad you where able to spend Thanksgiving down in the Sunny State, it's really cold and wet here in the UK, no major snow yet but weather people say it's not far away.


I don't have an iPhone so can't test out that for you, but I did notice that with this episode Blip.tv wouldn't stream and play at the same time like it used to. I have checked ep158 and that does, but to get this ep, ep159, to stream it I have to start playing it and then pause and wait for the streaming to finish, if I don't the download just pauses where it is and the show stops playing when it gets there until I pause it, at which point the streaming starts again. It's not annoying, just a little odd.

I liked the editing of the GoDaddy segment this week.


Thanks for the info re the streaming, I'll see if that happens this side of the pond and thanks for the GD shout out too :)


The clip on blip.tv plays fine on an iPhone but I don't think there's any such thing as an "iPhone compatible flash player"....so it ain't playing in Flash.

Typo on the description at BlipTV..."iive" instead of "live"

Cheers, Phil

@Philip - Blip is doing some workaround - http://blog.wired.com/business/2008/11/blip-brings-vid.html - so we agree it's not Flash, but it sure works well on the iPhone!

I have an iPod Touch and still can watch Command-n on my iPod Touch it still crashes it.

Amber...I like the second comment posted on the link re Blip.TV by Noah. You guys could easily do what they are doing here on this site...just some code to sense it's an iPhone and then embed one of your existing files that already play on the iPhone.

A CommandN iPhone-optimised layout :-)

Cheers, Phil

The codec used for this isn't included with the quicktime install. It forwards me to the Apple 3rd party codecs page, which provides 0 detail about which of the 11 varieties of codecs are actually needed to play the video. Didn't have this problem on any of the previous episodes.

Still love the show! Keep'em comin'.

Are you saying that it won't play on your iPhone or are you referencing one of the feeds?

It crashes my iPod Touch and I keep forgetting. I try to watch & remember quickly. I have unsubscribed for now but will pick it back up when a fix is announced on your website or in comments. Love you guys


good job as always clip on blip.tv plays fine on an iPhone

@Chris D
Sorry about the late response. I was trying to view with the http://commandn.typepad.com/commandn/2008/11/commandn-159-november-30-2008.html link. Quicktime says it needs a codec, but doesn't report which one.

@Chris D
I have been trying to download Command-N episodes 158, 159, and 160 into my Zune software (Yes, I am one of the few that do own one.) and it is not showing any video or audio at all. I have been subscribed to the H.264 feed for well over a year now with no issues. I tried the MPEG4 as well and nothing. I also tried another podcast (something about cranky something) in H.264 and it worked just fine. Help as the WMV quality sucks and I can only use Flash to watch right now.


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