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November 21, 2008


Amber, just a reminder that John Williams wrote the music, not this dude or Moose Butter. You'll notice that John Williams is credited properly by Moose Butter by putting his name right in the title of their "arrangement with original lyrics." I don't take much for granted anymore, since I realized kids think Jump Jive and Wail is a Gap original, not a Louis Prima classic.

Hi, I love commandN. I wanted to let you know about this vidcast (in french and very well done): http://www.jeanmichelvanasse.tv/

Forgot to mention - A Capella Star Wars is most likely a violation of copyright, esp. since it's not "straight satire." It's a derivative work, not licensed. But, I didn't write these awful copyright laws!

Thanks for the warning, Richard - pays to be careful about this kind of stuff but the laws are insane.


@Richard - yup, we know it was based on John Williams (Corey gave us all the details). Funny enough, he (Corey) heard from one of Williams' associates that Williams himself had watched the YouTube video and enjoyed it (so it doesn't look like there will be any reason for legal action). Also, this video falls under Canadian parody laws. THX for your feedback ;).

At least when people wander into the background of your videos they aren't killing animals lol.


I really enjoy CommandN.tv. I appreciate all the up to date news, links and opinions. I especially like it because I'm an older member of the audience. I'll be 50 in January. In my old oldish way, I'm tech savvy, having cut my teeth on DR-DOS, PC-DOS and of course MS-DOS back in the day. I gave it all up for a Macintosh back in 1986 and haven't looked back. However, I appreciate all the good things you guys at CommandN can teach an old guy. Maybe at some point you could do a few features on computers in agriculture. I'm currently doing a feature article on computer aided GPS guidance for agricultural applications on farms. Along the way, CommandN will surely come in handy. www.philipshaw.ca

@Philip - thanks so much for the nice comments ;). Send us your article when you're done!

Question: I've been watching recently on the website. Which method of watching gives you the most recognition to sell advertising?

@Amber: Can you rephrase the question? Any blondes out there able to translate?

I loved this episode!!! CommandN keeps getting better.

Where was this episode filmed? I thought they would say where during the podcast or credits but if they did missed it. Just found it interesting considering how well they used the location for the various segments and all that Alex Ross artwork in the background.

Hey! @Timmy - thank you, we're working hard on making the show better!
@kingdom - we shot at Circa in Toronto!

Thanks for the info Amber. Keep up the good work been enjoying the show since episode one as probably like many introduced to you via Leo.


Suggestion for future topics.

Historically new technologies are developed in the business world and then migrate to the general public space. For the first time we are seeing the opposite. Social networking started in the public space and is now making inroads to the business world. Why? The new generation of workers entering the work place are demanding it. Businesses need to broaden their horizons in these economic times. They need to foster collaboration in order to survive.

At the same time companies are trying figure out how to deal with issues like security, corporate data in the hands of third parties, etc.

Related is the issue of Web 2.0 and SAS. Cloud computing is going to grow. Economies of scale will demand it. Why spend thousands of dollars investing in data centres, with their high costs for power, cooling, maintenance when you can go online and get a free Google account, spin up a virtual server in minutes with Amazon's web services to test your code?

We are dealing with these issues right now and would be interested to hear your perspective being so well aligned with Web 2.0 technologies and how people are using them.

Just thought I would throw the idea out there. The Economist had a great series of articles in October talking about this. Here is the link

Keep up the good work, enjoy watching CommandN

@Wayne, thanks for that, I'm a huge fan of the cloud and love the new semantic web that is changing the game everyday, add mobile tech and the rise of the third world and we got some very interesting times ahead! I'll see what I can do about putting in some more academic stories for ya every once and awhile :)


hello. i hate the ads that you guys put on the videos. is this an ad video or tech video? Just saying...

@ghost - thanks for your feedback! To keep up with the show every week, we'll always have to rely on ads - but sometimes there will be fewer than this episode. -Amber

Amber & Will,
Fabulous outfit you were wearing Amber. And Will, where did you get that suit? Tight! I enjoy the show as much for the super hot presenters :-) Keep it up chaps!

You should see our crew behind the cam...hot!

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