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The Download links below lead directly to our high quality H.264 format files, viewable with QuickTime. Other formats can be downloaded for episode 30 on by following the links on the commandN homepage.

This episode guide is a work in progress and, as time goes by, we will add links and other info. Any additions or corrections are welcome to be submitted to us via email and are much appreciated.

2006 Episode Guide coming soon!
commandN - Episode 27
Download   |   Time: 14.37    Released: 20 Dec 05   Notes: Holiday Special with festive recipes by Robin MacArthur and Barb Ateljevic

headLINES: Top tech stories and web apps of 2005; Wikipedia accuracy; Yahoo acquires delicious; Microsoft adopts RSS icon (Amber, Jeff, Mike)
inSITE: Web Style Guide (Amber)
webPICKS: DivX 6.0 for Mac; Ubuntu; LibriVox (Amber, Jeff, Mike)

commandN - Episode 26
Download   |   Time: 14.37    Released: 12 Dec 05

headLINES: Wikipedia makes users register; Protopage V2; Skype 2.0; Bubbleshare; Cell phone for your dog;
John Gilmore fights secret ID laws; Get a hoodie for your iPod (Amber, Mike)
inSITE: (Amber)
hotSTUFF: Geek Gifts - Part 2: USB Air Dart Missle Launcher; eNook; Catan; Samsung 8940 Mobile Phone; Space Age Ant Habitat (Jeff)
webPICKS: Theory is the Reason; Feed For All; commandN Frappr Map (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 25
Download   |   Time: 17.44    Released: 5 Dec 05   Notes: Five Segments x Five Topics = 25th Episode

headLINES: Satellite Radio Goes Live in Canada; Windows One Care Beta; $100 Laptop Video Blog;
Yahoo adds RSS Feeds into Web Mail; Tech TV Holiday Meetup (Amber, Mike)
inSITE: Contentious; Webmonkey; IA Institute; CSS Zen Garden; Usable Web (Amber)
techTIPS: 5 Tips for DIY Filmmaking (Brian)
hotSTUFF: Geek Gifts - Part 1: PSP; Pint Lock; RoboRaptor; Wall Socket Car Adaptor; Muppets S1 DVD (Jeff)
webPICKS: Furl; Lifehacker; MacMerc; Beta News; the Apple Blog (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 24
Download   |   Time: 16.42    Released: 28 Nov 05

headLINES: Microsoft Xbox 360 a Smash?; Protect your iPod; Top 10 cold-weather laptop tips; CBS and Google or Yahoo?; iTunes among top 10 retailers; The Ultimate Guide to Google Services; The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide; Fear of Flying; Walk the Line (Amber, Mike)
inSITE: STEP Magazine (Amber)
techTIPS: Multi-chat Clients: Trillian and Adium (Jeff)
webPICKS: H.I.T. Weekly; SNL Apple Spoof (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 23
Download   |   Time: 22.00   Released: 21 Nov 05

headLINES: The Emmys & New Media; Amazon inserts tags; Amazon; Yahoo Shopping; Google Base; Panna II Indian Restaurant; Google Analytics; Measure Map; 10 blogging hacks; Typepad; Tod Maffin Podcasting Meet-up (Amber, Mike)
inSITE: Flash 99 Good (Amber)
spotLIGHT: Mr Excel (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Bloglines (Jeff)
webPICKS: Instructables; Gizmo Project (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 22
Download   |   Time: 19.03   Released: 14 Nov 05

headLINES: TiVo & Yahoo; Google Risk; content for iPod video; Sony's CD copy protection (Amber, Mike)
hotSTUFF: Griffin AirClick iPod remote control (Jeff)
inSITE: How to make a blog header (Amber)
webPICKS: How to leave a voice message; Ragtime (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 21
Download   |   Time: 23.37   Released: 7 Nov 05

headLINES: Microsoft Live; Weird sites; Yahoo Maps (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Mike Shaver from Mozilla (Amber)
techTIPS: online learning (Jeff)
inSITE: Colour in motion (Amber)
webPICKS: I want to...; Daisy (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 20
Download   |   Time: 19.30   Released: 31 Oct 05

headLINES: Video on the web; OpenOffice 2.0; Printing your Flickr pics (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Pimp your Firefox browser (Jeff)
inSITE: Treehouse design mag; Particle Tree (Amber)
webPICKS: Remember the milk; Divx Doctor II (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 19
Download   |   Time: 15.30   Released: 24 Oct 05   Notes: Jeff in Toronto, plus new graphics & music

headLINES: commandN's new graphics; Apple's Aperture; Is your printer spying on you; Unfreeze your iPod (Amber, Jeff)
hotSTUFF: Creative Zen Vision media player (Mike)
inSITE: World Usability Day; Usability advice (Amber)
webPICKS: InCase; VersionTracker (Amber, Jeff)

commandN - Episode 18
Download   |   Time: 16.00   Released: 17 Oct 05   Notes: Sneak peak at new graphics

headLINES: Yahoo podcasting; New iPod, iMac, iTunes; commandN's "Sweet 16" contest winners (Amber, Mike)
hotSTUFF: Griffin iMic iPod microphone (Jeff)
inSITE: Smart Webby (Amber)
inBOX: Sweet 16 Contest - winning apps (Amber, Mike)
webPICKS: description (Amber, Mike)

Canadian Thanksgiving - no episode
commandN - Episode 17
Download   |   Time: 18.00   Released: 3 Oct 05

headLINES: Tom Cruise and Spork; Protect your Nano; iPod subway maps; How to podcast (Amber, Mike)
hotSTUFF: inMotion portable iPod speakers (Jeff)
inSITE: Site planning (Amber)
webPICKS: Placeopedia; Hot Recorder (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 16
Download   |   Time: 15.04   Released: 26 Sep 05   Notes: Sweet 16 Episode and contest

headLINES: TiVo in Canada; AJAX apps; Google's plans (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Virtual KVM switches/Teleport (Jeff)
hotSTUFF: Sixteen Candles DVD review (Brian)
inSITE: Typetester (Amber)
webPICKS: Brightness Control; Amy Skype Plug-in (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 15
Download   |   Time: 21.25   Released: 19 Sep 05   Notes: Toronto International Film Fest

headLINES: Skype; Yahoo Mail; Google BlogSearch (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Dave Adekayode from Universal Soul hip-hop group (Jeff)
inSITE: UseIt (Amber)
webPICKS: Raindenders; Microsoft Max; commandN widget (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 14
Download   |   Time: 21.03   Released: 12 Sep 05

headLINES: NerdTV; iPod Nano; FireFly/ROKR phone; iTunes 5 (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Peter Rukavina from and (Amber)
inSITE: Mint and more (Amber)
webPICKS: Reader2; GoToandLearn (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 13
Download   |   Time: 12.44   Released: 5 Sep 05   Notes: Amber & Jeff in Charlottetown, PEI

headLINES: TV 2.0 and Wired magazine; Skype for Windows Beta (Amber, Jeff)
spotLIGHT: Cool stuff at the CNE (Mike)
hotSTUFF: Podwave mini-speaker (Jeff)
inSITE: Favicons (Amber)
inBOX: iGlasses (Jeff)
webPICKS:; (Amber, Jeff)

commandN - Episode 12
Download   |   Time: 21.28   Released: 29 Aug 05   Notes: Amber in Halifax

headLINES: Google Talk; PSP firmware update; DVD format wars; (Amber, Jeff)
hotSTUFF: DVD camcorders (Brian)
techTIPS: Lighting hacks for web cams (Jeff)
webPICKS: Voo2do; MPlayer (Amber, Jeff)

commandN - Episode 11
Download   |   Time: 19.40   Released: 22 Aug 05   Notes: Contest winners Geoff and Andrew's segment

headLINES: Bloggers; Microsoft and the iPod patent; the babes of Flickr (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Installing a portable hard drive (guests: Geoff, Andrew)
webPICKS: Protopage; DTV Beta (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 10
Download   |   Time: 12.42   Released: 15 Aug 05   Notes: Toronto Tech Meet-up

headLINES: Tech Meet-up coverage (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Dan Huard from Systm (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Navigating your computer through the keyboard (Jeff)
webPICKS: Podscope; Vox Delicii (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 9
Download   |   Time: 17.55   Released: 8 Aug 05

headLINES: OPML editor; Windows Vista; Mighty Mouse (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Ray Slakinski from iPodderX (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Installing Linux on your iPod (Jeff)
webPICKS: Talk Digger; Mirror Me (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 8
Download   |   Time: 7.40   Released: 1 Aug 05   Note: Bloopers episode


commandN - Episode 7
Download   |   Time: 14.06   Released: 25 Jul 05

headLINES: Blog software; OS/2; Dell and Sheryl Crow ad; Mike's Big Brother 6 pics (Amber, Mike)
webPICKS: Good Experience Games; Google Map Games; This is Broken; How Mosquitos Work (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 6
Download   |   Time: 19.37   Released: 18 Jul 05   Notes: You Can't Do That On Podcasts!

headLINES: Web and tech trends; iTunes 4.9 (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Leo Laporte from TWiT (Amber)
techTIPS: Saving URL info in downloads (Jeff)
inBOX: Contest winner Joe Maruschek from Ohio (Amber, Mike)
webPICKS: 9 Rules (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 5
Download   |   Time: 17.05   Released: 11 Jul 05

headLINES: Claria purchase by MS; Our first commandN contest (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Frank from techPhile (Amber)
techTIPS: Wireless primer (Jeff)
webPICKS: Venn Diagram Generator; gWiFi (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 4
Download   |   Time: 16.05   Released: 4 Jul 05   Notes: Amber in Halifax

headLINES: Google Earth; iTunes 4.9; Yahoo My Web 2.0 (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Recording live with Apple's GarageBand (Jeff, with special appearance by Dom Morier and Dave Smith)
webPICKS: (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 3
Download   |   Time: 8.06   Released: 27 Jun 05   Notes: NextFest

headLINES: NextFest talk (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: FTP how to (Jeff)
webPICKS: (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 2
Download   |   Time: 11.12   Released: 20 Jun 05

headLINES: vSkype Beta; Google patent; Live Plasma (Amber, Mike)
spotLIGHT: Brian McKechnie from BAMCAT's editing suite (Brian)
techTIPS: Removing DRM from iTunes music (Jeff)
webPICKS: (Amber, Mike)

commandN - Episode 1 commandN N logo
Download   |   Time: 11.31   Released: 13 Jun 05

headLINES: Technorati Beta; Yahoo! vs. Google; Yahoo! music store (Amber, Mike)
techTIPS: Finding music online (Jeff)
webPICKS: (Amber, Mike)