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December 23, 2008


Great show as always! There is a little boo boo in the Star Wars Holiday Special link though.

@Michael - thx for the feedback!

@Michael - P.S. I fixed the link here on the blog - thx for the heads-up (Typepad has been wonky lately!).

Wishing the CommandN Team (and viewers) a happy holiday! Since we can't get to see the Star Wars x-mas special, maybe you can all just cry/laugh/sit with gaping mouth (what were they thinking!), at this....


Cheers, Phil

@Philip - Oh God, seeing Chewie and a Jawa dancing to footloose is too much for my Star Wars geek to handle! If you excuse me I must go hide in my Star Wars Bed Sheets!


Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Hostage Negotiations for commandN.tv

The Star Wars Holiday Special gets much worse than that - wait until Bea Arthur from TV's the Golden Girls starts singing in the space lounge - shudder. :-)

Happy Holidays!


Thanks Jeff...no really. Years of therapy had erased Bea Arthur from my mind and you had to bring it back.

And Jeff, Weird Al fan that you are, we would be amiss not to point out that Al makes reference to it in this (sorry if you've said that in the podcast...still waiting for it to show in iTunes)....



Yay Mikey! Much improved since the Amberless episode I saw you on. Minor quibble... the split-screen edit in the yahoo data mining story was confusing.

PHIL: Had forgotten about the Weird Al reference - thanks :-) . Don't forget how it seems one of Chewie's Wookie relatives is in heat during the Star Wars Holiday Special - it's all just so disturbingly bad :-) .

RICHARD: Thanks for the feedback on the split-screen - and we're all very happy Mikey could make this special episode for us!

Happy Holidays!


Hey Mikey did you loose some weight? The last few times I saw you on CommandN you look a lot better. Unfortunately I have put on the weight you lost!

Manhattan, Kansas

Jeff: Congratulations on "Decabling." I did the same thing 2 years ago and I'm happy about it. It was a good decision. The money saved, the time saved from watching junk, and more. I won't go back!

SMITHJONES: Congrats to you, too, then. Definitely think one of the biggest things will be the "time saved from watching junk". I'm really looking forward to showing how we now have enough technology and online media that it's easier than ever to get off the TV "zombie juice" :-) .

Merry Christmas to all our viewers!

PS: I just unwrapped some good tech toys for future commandN reviews -yay! :-)


Great closing show. Thanks for all the good work in 2009 Chris,Amber,Jeff,Will,Mikey and Brian.

Loved Chris' little anarchistic slide. Power to the people

@jeff, you know V the miniseries is on youtube? xD

mikey looks good in this episode i didn't recognise him at first!

Happy Holidays everyone! Glad you're enjoying the show. See you in '09 ;)!

ANON: Thanks for the tip! We'll be starting up www.decabled.com this coming week, so check it out and feel free to post any tips there too.


Is there a version of the show for mobile phones other than the iPhone? I have a Sony Ericsson C905 with a feed reader and it'll show most podcasts in .mp4 but there's something about yours preventing it from working. If not is there a feed for the .mp3 version? I could settle for that I suppose. ;)

Thanks for the shows. I do like the new video layout better than it used to be. What have you changed in your video quality than before because its now top notch

There are so many codecs for so many phones it's crazy, I am always tinkering with the idea of a 3gp file but we have so many now... I will make one in the new year for ya and see if it works... don't know why the mp4 doesn't work for ya if the other podcasts do... maybe you could get me on twitter and we'll try out a few versions and see if one can work better than others across many platforms

Thanks so much, I encode differently and use a 2/3 inch chip camera so I can get that nice shallow depth of field... then I edit, edit, and edit to got good a good pace or loose all feeling in my but... which ever comes first.


Great Show - new camera? - merry christmas from england!

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