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November 14, 2008


@Jeff: I thought as much :)

To get around an issue like this in the future maybe you could get a deal where you devote a smaller amount of time to describing the sponsor (similar in length to the GoDaddy 'promo code' bit, or at least not much longer) and have their logo as an on-screen watermark for the duration of the episode?

I don't know if a sponsor would go for such an arrangement but it would sit a lot better with me; I grow tired quickly of being advertized at and if this sponsor-mention were any longer it would be a tutorial ;D

Am I wrong or is the content shrinking and the ads growing. In an 11 minute podcast we had an infomercial for an area of Canada & 2 commercial spots & about 5 minutes on blu ray players that we could get in any magazine. Come on guys I know you are not making fortunes but are wee getting a we bit lazt here.

@Dennis - thanks for your comments! Mentioning NS had nothing to do with advertising on the show, just thought their campaign was great ;). We have two advertisers per show, which really isn't all that much and they have been great support for us on commandN...but, again, we appreciate all feedback/comments! There was a day when we only imagined that someone would advertise on the show, so we're pretty happy with the progress.

Am I the only one having trouble with episode 157? It doesn't show up in my podcast list in iTunes or through the iTunes store. I've downloaded the .m4v and .mp4 versions and I can't copy them to my iPod.

Just to add on and be more clear.

I am using the iTunes Canada store.

The iPod format feed does not list episode 157.
The H264 feed does list episode 157, but it won't copy because says it cannot be played on this iPod.

I've also tried manually downloading the .m4v .mp4 and the H264 versions and they won't copy to my iPod.

Another update:

I switched to the US iTunes store and commandN 157 shows up for both the MPEG4 and H264 feeds. I didn't bother downloading them since I assume they'd be the same files as the ones I've downloaded already.

Anyways, I've probably spent more time than I should have on this. :) :) However I am stubborn and was hoping to find a working format that would copy.

Hopefully someone can sort out what is going on. Good luck! :)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to figure it out. :)

I have no idea what is up with the 157 m4v feed, it is completely insane, I put out 158 to see if it was a fed problem but that shows up just fine. I can't figure it out either.
Email me at christopher@commandn.tv if you have any other ideas because I am fresh out :)


Hey kids,

The m4v file is up on iTunes, there was a little confusion with the feed URL at iTunes but it is all fixed up now :)

Hi Mark,

We'll check into this - thanks for the heads up!


Oh, weird - Chris' post wasn't showing when I replied. Looks like he's on top of it :-) .



Just watched the show and ace advice for BlooTooth players. Two questions though:
1. I'm thinking of purchasing a 24" LCD monitor with DVI input. Can I purchase a HDMI DVI adaptor and plug it stright into a BlueRay player? Does such a thing exist?

2. I have a multiregion DVD player so that I can play UK PAL videos as well as US NTSC disks with the same player. Does this capability exist in BlueRay players?

Thanks for any hints.

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