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November 14, 2008


@Amber, I'm was watching this episode but had to stop and go make myself a hotdog, wonder why that would be?

@Chris, there seems to be an extra %20 at the end of the url for the MP3 version, and the webPICK link to Memiary is still linking to http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html from last week and not http://www.memiary.com/. Show does look good though, I'll have to watch the rest once my hotdogs are ready.

A holiday episode could be you guys interview people on the street about tech-related holiday gifts/items.

@Steve - haha!

@Darren - ooh, that's a great idea!


For holiday episode, I liked the one where you guys brought in other members of your family. I believe it was Jeff and Brian's wives. Maybe something similar to that?

Amber, you are ROCKING that hat! Love it!

Most important things first: I think you should do your holiday show from the beach on Aruba. At the end of a recent Colbert Report was an advert with the curmudgeon Lewis Black turned into a pussy cat walking though the surf. Think of what it could do for Jeff.
Speaking of the same, I want to thank him for the information on Blu-Ray. I was not aware they wouldn't all play certain burned disks. I will now pay more attention to the spec.
AND.. I still love that hat.


Good mornong (well it is mormning here in Melbourne, Australia

A quick question - I have a first generation iPod Touch updated with the latest software version ... which version of your videocast should I download to watch as sometimes iTunes will not allow me to sync them to it and gives an erro that it can't play this format


@Ron - I can answer that one for you, I have an older iPod Touch updated as well and I also watch commandN on it. I watch the h.264 version, it's the best quality on the Touch and works great for me.

Hope that helps.

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Junior Gerontology Researcher for commandN.tv
aka Community Manager for commandN.tv

P.S. Chris....gerontology? Really? LOL I actually had to look that word up to find out what it meant. LOL Good out of the box choice.

SGTRET: Yeah, there are some little "gotchas" with buying a Blu-ray player that, after I found out about, I had to share! :-)

BEN: Good memory and you are correct on our "co-stars" :-) .

Thanks for watching,


Great show and awesome piece on Blu-Ray by Jeff.
Not your best wardrobe look, Amber, but I love the danglers.


It was great to see you here in London! Sammy's was the best backdrop you could find though? :)

The Blu Ray advice was great. I agree that you can't go wrong with the PS3. It's a great BD player, with the added bonus of being able to play the 3 or 4 games worth playing on PS3. I do wish it had a regular remote control...yay for not having to aim the remote because it's Bluetooth, but boo for not working with any universal remotes and clogging up my coffee table.

THX for all the comments! As for my wardrobe, I'll try to mix 'er up - LOL!

How strange that the "The Ultimate Phone" URL was just an IP Address ... if it wasn't on commandN, I'd feel like they were trying to phish me.

Amber - what brings you to London? I just moved away, there's not enough tech buzz there :) .. and don't worry, I didn't think your wardrobe was bad (the hat was nice though :P ).

- Jason

Hey Amber,

You're too nice..."it's okay, you can come by..."

Awesome work! Awesome person! :)

Thanks for all the help in the past...from either alterdailylife or [email protected] addresses...thanks again...

@Jason - I was speaking at an event in London.

I can't get any of the available formats (H.264, MP4, IPOD) to work on my iPod Touch 2g. I love your show and would like to take it with me while I'm out and about, but no luck so far.


You visit norway at easter time and one of the biggest computer gatherings in the world. More info on http://www.gathering.org/tg08/info.html or a picture her http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/2008/03/20/530215.html

@Amber: I don't know if it's just the way my brain is tuned, but when you said "having lived in Nova Scotia I have to say it's a wonderful ... place to visit." I had to think twice and wonder if you were being disparaging or not. Like "it's a wonderful place to visit.... but I wouldn't want to live there" ;)

Is it necessary to give so much time to explaining the audio book sponsor thing? I'd say those bits are easily bordering on being too long in my view and there are two of them, one by yourself and another from Jeff. I guess that was a condition of the sponsorship? That's a shame because it disrupts the flow a bit too much IMO.

Other than that, it's all good stuff. :)

CKJ - Audiobooks part is sponsor-driven in terms of specific amount of time, sorry :-) . We'll keep it in mind for future sponsors, though.

Thanks for watching,


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