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October 30, 2008


Woo 1st comment!

Just thought I'd add that WorldWiki doesn't take any data to access either. I have an Iphone without a data plan and I was able to read up on the countries even without a WiFi. Another great point for WorldWiki!

Btw, I really like that look for you Amber. I'm digging that hat for some reason. Too bad you guys got hit by some snow so early, we're still dry here in Western Canada.

P.S. Still waiting on that Sprinkler dance!

Thanks for the tip on WorldWiki, Devin - didn't realize that was the case. Data must be bundled in the app (which makes sense, I guess).


Can you upload to youtube first because blip.tv loads slow for me
looking forward to watching a great episode but you all should have put on your Halloween costumes

LAMON: Good point about the Hallowe'en costumes - totally slipped our minds. Next year, we promise! (I'm just getting over a very bad cold, as you can probably hear from my segment, so I'm going to blame clogging of the brain for why I didn't think of this :-) )

For some reason I could not view in H.264 this week, it says cannot find server. Could be goblins. So I watched the episode off of the flash player you have up. It was fine playing the episode. Happy Halloween!

@Lamon blip.tv is a little slow isn't it... I thought that was just me :) the youtube upload should be done today, it gets pushed out through tubemogul so I can't give and exact time.

@Ranceman the H.264 is being sent up to the server again, should be up soon


Happy Halloween everyone! If you have any Halloween costume pics, please send them our way (amber@ambermac.com) and we'll feature 'em in next ep!

MTvM doesn't have "Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me"

MTvM is missing many videos.

Maybe Jeff or Will could do a section on Hotspotshield? For me (here in New Zealand) it doesn't seem to work...in fact, previously I could access Hulu and got a polite message saying I was in the wrong country. Use HSS and I get an error trying to access the Hulu site and a few others?? Can't seem to figure out how it works?

Cheers, Phil

Well as the commandN Food Taster this week, I must recommend Jello Pudding POPS! HA!

Too much? LOL Yes, please send in your Halloween costume pics, we would love to see what you came up with. And great find on anchorfree! I'm definitely using that now. And I have heard about hotspotshield as well, tried it out but more obtrusive ads than anchorfree.

As always, I remain, obediently yours.

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Food Taster for commandN.tv

Wait, I am an idiot. I blame the late night Halloween candy getting into my brain. Of course anchorfree.com is hotspotshield. LOL I love how minds work with candy. Mmmm Candy and more JELLO Pudding POPS! HA!

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Food Taster for commandN.tv

Most importantly, where did you get that hat, Amber? It looks so warm!
Secondly, why is commandN not listed on http://www.podcastawards.com? Is it because this show is essentially Canadian?
I had no trouble downloading H264 and viewing it full screen on VLC. This is really, to me, the only way to watch commandN.
Keep up the good work!

@Amber, Love the hat, but as for PopSiren being one for the shows that Revision3 cut, the show hasn't been that good since Jessica Corbin and Dr Kiki stopped being on it. Moujan Z and Heather Frank are good producers but that doesn't mean they make good presenters, and Sarah Lane just seemed really lost hosting by herself, she needs a co-host to work of but for some odd reason Revision3 never replaced Jessica after she left.

@Wll, Amber, So are you two for hackers and hacking or against it? You did a story about hackers and hacking being bad after you told everybody to go HACK into the US only media content by using HotSpot Shield? I think that fence is well and truly sat on, but Thanks for the tip about HotSpot Shield.

@Jeff, Great segment as always, I was on the bus on the way back from town Friday night and the guy sitting on the other side of the bus from me got out his iPhone, then I noticed the the people sitting in front and behind him also had iPhones/iTouchs. I haven't seem that many it one place since I last went to the Apple Store in CMK. Is there a site that tells you/us how many iPhone/iTouchs have been sold in each country? or even better by each Apple Store?

@Snowball, Glad to see you have now been promoted to Food Tester, as a students at uni you could have found a better job.

@Chris, Nice filming/edited as always, but just a couple of problems with audio hum on the H.264 version. There's a continues hum at the start which gets really bad when Amber is doing a voice over's, plus doing Jeffs segment his audio is fine until the Audible.com site pops up then the hum gets really bad. Not sure if it was a recording problem or not as Amber and Will's segment after they moved out of the snow was fine. As the hum also effected part of Jeff's segment it may be a issue with compression. Anyway, hope it's nothing major your end, but the hum is really annouying when listening on headphones this end.

@All commandN crew and viewers, Happy Halloween, even if I am a day late.

PS, I had to download and watch the h.264 version as the Blip.tv version embeded on this page pauses after 3 sec and will then not play again even though it does keep downloading. The whole episode downloads in under a 80 secs so it's not a bandwidth problem this end, for once. Just thought I would let you know.

@steve, hey the hum is called "room noise" found it in SoundtrackPro... trying to give the audible add some edge... guess it didn't work :)
Also don't know what is up with blip.tv it works fine elsewhere and if it is downloading then it should be working...maybe a cookies issue?


@sgtret don't know anything about the http://www.podcastawards.com maybe we were supposed to be nominated and no one did it? It is the first I've heard of them but they seem to be very audio-centric with only one Best Video award. If there are any other contests out there please let us know ASAP and we will enter :)

P.S. I just voted for http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab love that show!!!

@Amber I heard about the awards from Cali Lewis on GBTV. She asked that her viewers vote for her podcast.

I used to have trouble getting AnchorFree's HotSpot Shield to work in Spain, but I erased it and re-downloaded it recently, and it has been working pretty good. Helps for those times when I get homesick, and I can't wait for a torrent to finish downloading, and I need an immediate fix of U.S. entertainment.

I also am really impressed with that hat. If it got cold enough down here in Costa del Sol I would definitely try to find one, but I don't think I could 'pull it off' the way Amber does. It's all about the brim cut-out from the front panel, so it doesn't obscure the face, and yet the side panels still appear to be low enough to keep the ears warm. Most hats that are big enough to keep your ears warm end up making it look like they are eating at least 20 to 30 I.Q. points at the same time. This one looks sharp, and still does its job.
Man, am I a hat geek, or what?

I had the same issues with HotSpot Shield - older version needed to be reinstalled to get it to work (an update took place, I guess???).

I haven't covered HotSpot Shield b/c it behaves very strangely and is kinda difficult to get rid of in some instances. Just wanted to make sure everything was legit before recommending it.

Anyone else have good/bad HotSpot Shield experiences?


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