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October 24, 2008


I have mitigated the line-of-sight limitation of IR remotes in my home theatre system with a repeater. All of my electronics are on shelves in the wall behind my couch. I have an IR receiver poking out of the ceiling tile in front of the projection screen which relays messages via radio waves to a transmitter placed in front of my shelves with direct line-of-sight to all of the equipment. I no longer have to point the remote over my shoulder. I could even have the equipment around the corner or in another room.

I got my repeater set from FactoryDirect.ca for $19.95.

hey just FYI i renewed my godaddy account and typed in command10 and nothing happened is that only for new sites or did I do something wrong?

Will, Amber and Jeff,

Regarding "Wired Keyboards Not Safe for Sensitive Data"
How about a Faraday cage for shielding?



Thank you for commandN. I watch it every week on my XBMC.

I have just a minor comment about the I-pod feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/commandN_pod

The command-N image in this feed does not exist.


Can it please be fixed.

Hi, thanks for the show, I see it every week.

Take a look at this site -> http://www.spotify.com

I think I can get you an invite if you like. mail me

@Ronald - Wow that's odd. We'll definitely look into it for you. Right now Chris(our editor/cameraman) runs a lot of the feeds, and he's in Seattle until Tuesday. I will pass the info along and we'll see about getting that up for you soon. Thanks for the heads up!

@Paul - I love the idea of a Faraday cage! LOL Might be a bit overkill, at least for me anyways, but love the idea!

@Kurt - The godaddy promo code not working? Hmmm, we'll look into that. Unless Amber, Jeff or Chris you're reading this and you can post an update that would be great!

@Brent - factorydirect.ca? Cool! Just looking at it now and they have some cool stuff! Thanks for the link!

Oh, and for the comment about spotify(sorry can't see your name listed), tried it and it says it isn't available where I'm at (in Canada), so I don't think an invite would work. Would love to know what you think of it though.

Wow great comments everyone! Keep them up! Oh, and let me know what you think of the behind the scenes stuff. Would love to hear what you liked/didn't like and what you want to see more of.

More great stuff to come!

Thanks everyone!

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Official Lunar Rock Collector and Curator for commandN.tv
aka Community Manager

You dont have a lot of Linux content you say?
Have you ever seen a Linux computer?
Stay with toys and cute sites and dont try to fake it.

Just say open source about a half dozen time instead... its the latest buzz word and its got little meaning now so it can be anything you want.

BRENT: That's a great solution if you're willing to invest a little time. Still not much good for being a couple of rooms away but perfect if you've got a setup like you've described.

KURT: I believe the command10 code only works on new purchases, not renewals.

JEAN GUY: Not sure if you're addressing a specific part of this ep (haven't seen it all yet :-) ) but for my part, I did all my computer degrees on Unix-based computers (NeXTs, etc.), my time at Mainframe Entertainment working on Silicon Graphics machines, and frequently dig into the Terminal on my Mac OS X systems. I also make a point to try to report on software that works across not only Mac and Windows, but LInux too. Problem with Linux is that we're finally getting some much-needed momentum to live in a more usability-based world, and that's just not the strength of Linux and its ilk - they have a lot of catch-up to play if you're talking about mainstream usage. :-)

Have to dig into a couple of the other comments before responding but thanks for watching!


@Jean - Thx for your comment. While co-hosting CFH with Leo Laporte, we spent quite a bit of time on Linux computers (with guest expert Marcel Gagne!). Also, many years ago I began to learn more about Linux while participating in events at the Linux Caffe in Toronto. I'll make no claim to being a Linux expert, but I am familiar with Linux and feel comfortable in that environment. All the best! -Amber

@Amber - Go get em tiger! You rock on girlfriend! I've seen you eat up dudes like Jean for breakfast....

Itunes Duplicates

Hi Guys, for years now I have been frustrated with my itunes collections having duplicate files. I know you can show duplicates, but it is a pain staking process to remove them.

I have also played with a basic program that tries to remove duplicates, however it is very basic, and doesn't allow you to choose to keep the highest bit rate file etc...

Is this a hole that is yet to be filled, or is there something that can effectively and easily sort out a large itunes library with duplicates...

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!


it's good see the sponsors are adding up. (I am listening to net@night as I type. Amber just said, "I don't do math during a live broadcast." Great wisdom there.)

You started with the link to a survey saying the net is bringing families together online. Twitter on the BB using a twitter ap makes me feel much closer to friends & family in other States. I am using TwitterBerry. This should replace SMS and the high costs related to it.

I am going to try not to comment on the production itself. I want to limit my remarks to the content. I won't promise it, but I will try.

We welcome comments on the production side as well, though, Sgtret (as always, in a friendly manner :-) ).



Commandn team,
I may be on the verge of starting a video podcast, keep your fingers crossed. I am inspired by all of you (in addition to a couple of other people). I was wondering what kind of camera and mics you use for the show, if you dont mind telling, that is. It always looks and sounds great. I am on a tight budget so Im hoping you could give cheap, but good recommendations. Thanks, love the show.

Regarding the keyboard emanations. This has been known since the 1960's, thus the US National Security Agency had a program codenamed TEMPEST. This program discovered that monitors were also a good source of possible intelligence. When I served in the military, some offices were required to have TEMPEST certified computer equipment. According to Wikipedia there are NATO standards. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TEMPEST

I just tried searching "commandn" on Google and was prompted with a CAPTCHA prompt... is this new functionality of Google?


I always enjoy your tech tips. However you missed out on a very popular category of remotes. These combine the best of both IR and RF. Examples include the Logitech Harmony 890 and 1000. They can be customised just like IR remotes, but then use RF to send the signal to an IR Extender up to 100ft away. This means all gear can be placed out of sight in a closet in another room while still having full control. Win-win :-)

Keep up the great work guys.

PS Have you ever considered streaming with TivoCast... just like Revision3.com, GeekBrief.tv, CrankyGeeks.com to name a few?

@Rich - we'll get Chris to respond to this one.

Everyone else - thanks for the feedback! -Amber

@Rich, I wouldn't want to recommend any specific brands since things change too quickly and what people use is really only half the battle, if that! It all comes down to HOW you use what you have so no matter your budget you should include $ for... in order of importance

1 - an external microphone (make sure camera has the ability to input external audio VERY IMPORTANT!!)
2 - a tripod
3 - a small bounce board for shadows etc.

email me at christopher@commandn.tv for any more ?'s


Nice tips..
Thanks for this post...
SBL Video Audio Tagging

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