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October 17, 2008


@Dr. Fyzziks - Watch the credits, it explains all. LOL Chris is having fun. LOL

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Chief Medical Correspondent for commandn.tv

I like the idea behind Addictionary, but I also liked it 20 years ago when they were called Sniglets!


Hi Jeff!, regarding your head set comment, you forgot to tell the people about the dynamic range of the head phones, like 20-20000 hertz, or 14-24000 hertz, this is for the terrible and bass sounds, more dynamic range make better sound

Good point, Juan!



Hey, I just noticed. The MP4 version does not have the show number embedded in the name of the file. Obviously, not that important, but you would not want it disappearing, or being overwritten by accident because it is not numbered.

Crooked faced whore bag CUNT!!!!!!

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