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October 09, 2008


You need to ask Dale to do music re-caps at the end of the show!

Xtranormal is indeed hours of fun!

BTW, in full disclosure, betsy is a friend of mine:)
Thanks so much for the shout!

Very crisp, good content. Thank you for toning down the explosions. Jeff's information on graphics, with the added chart, was very informative.

Amber looked very put together, as in going out or coming from an event. Will resembled a civilized q-tip.(hat)
It was an interesting costume combination.
The earrings were somewhat distracting. They reminded me of artistically rendered dog-tags.

All in all it was a worthy episode. Thank you for continuing with the podcast and for the work all of you, on and off camera,(except for thumbs,) put into it.

Just watch this, and there is no need for a 800 dollar Apple notebook. You just want this one.


@Amber, @Will So what are Apple thinking off suing everybody again, i though they got over that in the 90's.

@Amber, I really liked you movie on xtranormal, I think this is the on e that Leo played on n@n -
http://www.xtranormal.com/xtranormal/episode.php?aid=2630&mid=20081007153903437 - not bad for a couple of hours work.

@Jeff, I guess I have to go and re-save all the website logos I use in PNG mode then, Thanks but they do look better compared to JPEG's for the same file size. Good segment though.

@ChrisD, Good job with the filming and editing this episode, no annouying extra loud explosions to blow my ear drums, so many thanks for that.

@Snowball, Welcome back to commandN, realy glad that Amber and the team have been able to find a use for you many talents.

Ugh. I've given up and unsubscribed commandN from iTunes. I just can't deal with the crappy exploding story transitions. Toning down the volume doesn't make it any less idiotic. Do you think your viewers are too dim to recognize you've moved on to another topic? I'll check back in a few months and see if you've evolved past this goofy phase.

@Amber; my wife happened to see this article and she was very curious about the jacket you were wearing, can you give me any info? maybe I can get it for her for xmas. thanks.

@Bryan - yes, love this jacket! I bought it on Haight St. in San Francisco in January, but I can't remember the name of the store!!! I will poke around the Internet to try to find out ;).

@Bryan - I enjoyed your segment on web graphics. I think fellow commandN viewers would find the following links useful. Oh yeah and dude, pleaseeee don't end your bit with "enjoy" anymore. Get a poll going, invite other viewers to tell you how to close. Anyways, here are the links....Enjoy. Whoops :-)


SuperPNG is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in for using PNG ("ping") files. It is faster than Adobe's own PNG plug-in and saves considerably smaller PNGs.

PNG is an open source file format that supports tight lossless compression. It can be read on any platform by most graphics applications and is fully supported by all modern web

Also known as JP2, JPEG 2000 uses wavelet compression as opposed to the DCT compression used in standard JPEG. The end result is better image quality in a smaller file. JP2 also includes mandatory metadata such as information about an image's color space.

Good news on the VisualHub app...it's going open source !!


Cheers, Phil

Okay, who failed to list Will in the credits?

Also, we have not seen Beta in a while. Can he please make a brief appearance soon?

Great show as always!


Amber you have to go to the "Virtual Forbidden City", and try "Cricket Fighting".


Hello all, thank you Steve for welcoming me on board with commandn. For those who are uncertain as to who I am, I am going to be the new community manager here at commandn, which means that I get to talk to you guys all the time. So I'm happy to do that.

I'm looking forward to talking to you all!

Steve "Snowball" Saylor
-Community Manager for commandn.tv

Welcome aboard, Steve!


Yes, welcome Snowball!

As for Jeff and enjoy, it would not be a techTIP if we didn't have that bit ;).

Thx for watching!

You guys rule. Thanks Jeff and Amber. :)

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