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September 13, 2008


That's a really big clip-on mic... it's kind of distracting.

You should get a smaller one for the next episode.

It won't load on my first gen iPod touch. Neither would the last one.

Same problem here. Listening to it now from my PC but it will not load to my iPod Classic. :(

@ Chris, I'd love one, lectrosonic M187 please :)
@ sonny, and Doz, the m4v should be for iPods, and the mp4 is universal but I ran the ep through Visual Hub with opimized for iPod touch settings, let me know if it works

opps here is the link

@Chris Di I downloaded the file from the link you provided above and it works fine. There must be something wrong with the iTunes feed because that file won't load onto my iPod touch. I have always subscribed to the mpeg4 version with iTunes and haven't had any problems until recently.

Thanks for your help.

OK switched my iTunes feed over to the iTunes h.264 and it loaded up fine guess I'll use that one for now.

I believe the reason the mp4 will not work in the ipod this week is the same as last week, the h.264 and mp4 files have been reversed. DL the h.264 version and rename it to mp4 and it should work in your ipod just fine.

iTunes finally copies the Views Mode from Windows Media Player.
The iPod Nano finally copies the silly shake feature from mobile phones.
Overall a boring keynote with very few new things, most of which were known before anyway, featuring the thinnest Steve Jobs ever.
I am baffled how Jeff can get so enthusiastic about almost nothing.

Sorry, maybe too much ado about nothing (Apple) in the tech news during the last few days.
Happy belated birthday!
A loyal viewer since the single-digit episodes.

Thanks again for the feedback! Also, it's very helpful when you post specific technical issues, such as you've done above.

We couldn't do the show without you!!!

The iPod version (the m4v) worked fine in my first-gen Touch.

Good effort Amber with the solo-hosting job, but it's not the same without two people to give that back-and-forth is it?

iTunes 8 seems fine, but I think that new thumbnail view is pretty useless. I wanna try the Genius thing but I tend not to trust anything that involves sending information from my machine to Apple (or anyone else)!

And mad props to Chris for the overall excellent post-production! (except the audio level on the opener could have been about 4db lower :p )

@Jeff or @Amber, Now that the new iPod Nano has that new shake to change track feature is there anyway to turn it off? or does it just keep changing tracks if you wear it out jogging?

@Jeff or @Chris, Are either of you, or anybody else, still not able to get the 'Recently Added or Played' playlists in the latest update/rowback to iTunes 8 to work?

I download over 60 different podcasts and it's a pain having to go though them manually to find the latest episodes.

I'm with @Liam K on the iTunes Genius feature, especially as it will only recommend tracks that you can buy and download from Apple, so not really that useful for finding new up and coming band that haven't been listed on iTunes yet.

@Steve, the neww iTunes was the worst thing I've downloaded in years, I have a gazillion podcasts I listen to, mostly NPR and Scientific American properties and I have no idea what is new or not! It is driving me crazy.

The thing about Apple Keynotes is you can't expect an iPhone every time, it's just not possible. The 2 things I was excited about in the Keynote were...

1. Genius feature - As I said, this should get much better over time, and I think we'll see the Genius feature incorporated in lots more in the future. What this feature is really great for is rediscovering music you haven't listened to for a while in iTunes (my 45GB library makes this a common occurrence :-) ). The fact that it only deals with artists in the iTunes store is indeed a pain (although that is a LOT of artists) - I cut this point out of my segment for time's sake, but I tried it right away with some Beatle - no go.

2. In-ear headphones with remote controls - Not having to take your iPod/iPhone out of your pocket to navigate through tracks or change volume is AWESOME, and to do this with better sound is very welcome. Again, as I expect with other changes, this ties right into the Genius playlist thing - Genius isn't perfect so you need to be able to fast-forward through tracks with ease, thus making the feature more bearable when it gets the lists wrong :-) .

Other than that, I think the iPod Nano is very cool and slick, but certainly not revolutionary in any way. I think the new Nano and the collapsed Classic line just show that Apple is nailing down the parts of the iTunes/iPod ecosystem that it has right:
Classic for the pack-rats and indecisive users :-) / Touch for those who want the whole experience but not an iPhone plan / Shuffle for stocking stuffers and people that just like to have some kind of noise in the background and nothing bulging our of their pockets (NOTE: Genius works great for quick Shuffle playlist includes) / Nano for everyone else.

The one thing I'm surprised to have growing more and more on me is the grid display - I've had to tighten up my library organization but it is great for SOME things (as noted, TV seems best for this).

STEVE: Yes, I'm pretty sure you can turn the shuffle off on the Nano through the features menu. And my Recently Added playlist works fine in iTunes 8.

Thanks for watching everyone!


CHRIS: Go to Library->Podcasts then invoke Grid view - podcasts should show the number of unwatched episodes there (blue circled number in upper right of grid entry). Double click the grid entry and you'll get your listing with blue dots beside those you haven't seen.

That said, I'm having no problem seeing this in Recently Added either (though the Grid view is great for Podcasts for the same reason that it's great for TV shows - gathers shows and displays unwatched).

I know some Windows users have had problems with iTunes 8, but an update should fix that now (there was a faulty USB driver in the package from Apple resulting in BSoDs - d'oh!).


AND also in the Grid view for TV Shows and Podcasts, you can just click on the New tab at the top of the window. One of the little perks that makes Grid view worthwhile :-) .


The section 'What's Hot' is a misnomer. It's obvious that Amber is what's hot.
The show is great and Amber is soooooo cute! Love the latest geek fashion clothes BTW.

The link for the AVI version is not working. I am guessing that while cutting and pasting someone forgot the "i" at the end of the url. The following is the correct url:

Thanks it3ag4s, I had to write up all new enclosures for the feeds this week, so podtrac could access them and it involved more cut and paste than my whole primary school career!


Unfortunately, primary school is where Chris' educational career ended :-) (just kidding)


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