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September 07, 2008


I haven't seen this one because it won't play on my iPod. Same thing as #146. :( I can easily watch it on my pc, but I usually listen to this show at the office and prefer the carry along file. Please fix so I can take with me on my iPod. It is a 6G, 80GB Classic.

Mikee has slimned down. Looking good. The front graphics was too violent for me, but the other graphics look good. I've been with you the whole 3 years. Amazing. and Congrats.

Wow! I've been watching for a long time, but have also had long gaps in between shows...yes, Amber "are you a prego?" Anyway, none of anyone's business, but congrats, I hope...I've made this mistake before...and am a complete you-know-what, if I'm wrong.

Also, Mike looked great and always enjoyed his professional quirkiness when he was on the show!

Keep up the great work...we all love the content... :>

Hi guys...congrats on the 3 years!!

If you're interested in learning about aspect ratio, the most superb explanation I've seen is on 5 video podcasts called videogrunt...


It's a real shame that Craig stopped at 5 episodes. It's been almost 2 years since the last, but they are still worth the download and brilliantly done.

Well done, Amber! Congrats on 3 years!

I've seen every episode and heard every episode of Net@nite/inside the net/Lab w Leo/Call for Help. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the fantastic work.


Dang amber is knocked up ...congrats!

Mikey you lost so much weight! Great Job!

I've only been watching the show for 2 years but I've enjoyed every episode. A first rate production! Congrats on your anniversary!

As for the new graphics and music, I pretty much agree with everyone else - too loud - especially the "explosions" which accompany each title segment.

That was a great segment on video sizing Jeff.

@Sonny - what version are you downloading? the m4v should be good to go for iPod 6G, as well as the mp4? Let me know if you've tried any of those, (the links are on the page, iPod and MPEG 4 respectively) If not I'll make another one optimized for ipod "classic" and we'll see if that works

Congratulations on three years! The new graphics really make the show high-end, and I love the new camera and lighting techniques you've been implementing.

And Mike, WOW. It's like Total Makeover: Mike Edition. :) How are you doing it? You look great.

Amber, congrats on the pregnancy! I'm surprised word didn't leak out sooner! I guess you wanted to wait til we all got to see for ourself in this episode. :-)

Love the new graphics, did not have a problem with any of it. Great show as always!

Opps, Congratulations on 3 years!

Hey Guys
Another great episode.......congrats on you 3rd year anniversary....hope for another 3 yrs and more.

The new graphics look great too.

Cheers Mark

Hey Guys
Another great episode.......congrats on you 3rd year anniversary....hope for another 3 yrs and more.

The new graphics look great too.

Cheers Mark

Hi Amber:

You really look pregnant on this episode. Congrats. When is the due date?


Amber is 100% Having a "Baby Mac"

Have been watching since the beginning, and it's like night and day with these improvements. Some comments to help things along.
1) the voice portion of the audio seemed a little low/flat
2) everyone looks a bit too pasty white! Either too heavy on the makeup (will!), too much light, or something off in the settings.
3) lower 3rd and dropdowns are great, don't change them! (they were hella scary in the last few episodes!)
4) I'm with the commenter above, need to get some live shows and/or meetups going soon! (Montreal is nice!)

Thank you x 100! We all appreciate your comments/feedback.


Holy crap! I hadn't watched Command-N for a while and I see a preggers Amber. Turn my back for a bit and see what happens?

Congrats on 3 years (everyone) and the baby (just Amber & lucky guy)

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