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September 07, 2008


I never heard of this google chrome
great show ,happy 3rd anniversary

Good Job on your first 3 years, I hope to see many more!

I like the new graphics, but I think the audio for those transition graphics was a bit too loud.



Congratulations and well done! You all deserve a pat on the back for what you do and the great style you've developed with your program.

Congrats on 3 awesome years! And I can't get over how good Mike looks! Good for you, Mike! Keep it up. :)

As usual excellent and fun. Keep up the good work Chris. Congrats on 3 yrs. It calls for another party at No Regrets with Will,Amber,Jeff . Maybe a Halloween special to match the colours

Hey guys - congrats on the third anniversary from someone who still remembers episode #1!

Nice graphics, long overdue! I'd suggest maybe different font selection though; I think something with straight lines/edges would have suited better. The black text in the supas doesn't thrill me either, but I'm sure I'll get used to it :)

And cheers to Mikey for making an appearance, that was a really nice message at the end.

Great job with the new graphics!

Love the podcast, looks great! but.. the sound is all over the place, music is LOUD!!! voices low. Please listen to it and fix it.

Thank you for all the feedback, will check out any of the issues you presented and get 'em fixed ;).

Congratulations on making it to 3 years! Yeah, the bumper music between segments is a little hot, but like the new graphics.

Glad you like the graphics, must thank our friend Vik for this...http://www.pixelpaletteinc.com/new/...visit him online, he rocks!

We're experimenting with the music, so stay tuned ;).

Many congrats on making your 3rd year anniversary and for the great new graphics, but as some of the other people have already said in their comments the audio does need to be leveled out a little bit.

@Jeff @Chris C. Thanks for the info on pixels sizes, I worked in video edit for a bit but never really knew what the Anamorphic Widescreen actually meant. That’s one google search you have saved me.

@Amber. I do like the look and speed of Chrome, but I miss lots of the Firefox plugins that I have. I know that some of the features that the plugins I use are already included in Chrome, but do you think Google will open Chrome up for people to write plugins for it?

@Will. I download appox 15GB of podcasts per week, and use the high res version of the BBC’s iPlayer for around 6 to 8 hours per week, which is about 1GB per hour. Plus stream internet radio and watch videos on sites like YouTube, but even I don’t get anywhere close to that 250GB download limit that Comcast have brought in. So why are you so worried about it? Or has this limit been caused by online video rental sites like Netflix.com and blockbusters.com now offering high dev movie downloads?

@Chris D. I had a quick look at your new ChristopherDick.com site, it looks interesting and I really like the photos that you have up so far. So how are you finding the SquareSpace.com blogging software?

@Mikey, Sorry Mikey didn’t mean to forget you, I type these comments up in Words and forgot to copy and paste the second page over.

Anyway Mikey, many congrats on your move out of you parents basement into the big wide world, even if it is only a block and a half away from Ambers condo and Jenna’s great cooking. Hope you make sure that Amber gives you loads of invites to go over for dinner.

Also loads f congrats on the continued weight loss, it won’t be long before Amber starts to drag you along to her training sessions for the marathon that she said she was going to do next September. It’s only a year away Mikey but I’m sure that with Ambers help you will be able to get fit enough in plenty of time. You never know, you may even be able to give her a run for her money. The two of you together should be able to raise a fair amount of cash of charity. I hear LittleGeeks.com is always looking for some extra cash.

Keep up the great work Mikey and hope to see you on another commandN or other podcast soon.

@Mikey, You look amazing! Congratulations on the weight loss. What's your secret?

Also, what are you up right now? I know that Digital Underground isn't in production and your 'cmlabs.tv' never went live... What's up?

Amber looks pregnant. If so, congrats!

Thanks for all the comments, everyone.

We'll get the audio sorted out - thanks for your patience.


Hey Guys,

Love the new grahics!!! Well done on your 3 years.

Amber, are you pregnant?? What is the go with that shirt? Is this going to be a CommandN scoop.... please tell. If you are not, please disregard this paragraph....ouch!

Well done once again, love the show. informative,Light & funny!

Not to be a dumbass but why have the last two episodes not worked with my iPod?

Each episode is becoming more and more professional. Mikey looked all "growed-up!"

The only negative comment is about the explosive orange transition markers. They were distracting and painful when heard over earphones.

I especially liked the split screen during the web picks.

300 and I've seen them all.

Great show guys. Again, I was foaming at the mouth checking your website everyday for the episode. Congratulations on 3 whole years, and the many many more to come (right?)! Loved the new graphics, especially the color (its my favorite). Keep it up.

Google Chrome is awesome, but still buggy (hence the beta). It freezes up on me when I go to my TVersity flash interface. A cool note is you can drag and drop tabs between firefox and chrome with no plug-ins. I found it out on accident.

@Cast, every last one of you looks awesome. Jeff, Amber, Will, and Mikey....let me know where that "good looks" fountain is you all drink from. see you next episode.

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