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August 29, 2008


I do love the fact that it only took two complaints to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority to get that Apple iPhone advert banned, yet we have ads like this one for Orangina, http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=kHA9Ig7HOGA, running for around a year without one single complaint. I like both the ads but some people really do have some odd standards.


I really hope you get though your email backlog soon, so hows your new venture coming along? and have you really only just found time to find Friendfeed? that site was news at the start of the year, but it is a lot easier to work out what people are Twittering about when you can see all the @replys directly under their Tweet.


I prefer the XD format of cards as they seem to use less energy to save images to than SD cards, which means the camera batteries last a lot longer, but then that may just be down to Fuji and Olympus cameras being more energy efficient.

@Amber @Chris

Your 12Seconds looks quiet good, http://12seconds.tv/channel/commandN, but isn't the video quality rather high for a site that doesn't have a full screen option? Or have I just missed the button for that option.

great show. Love the outtakes at the end!

Thanks for the tip, Steve - I've never had anything that can use xD cards, so it's great to get some firsthand info out there.


Great show. Great photo, great editing. Keep it fresh and authentic.

Amber, Jeff, Will, and team:

Congratulations on a great site and for demonstrating how to inform and entertain in a classy, fun, and relaxed format. You're quickly becoming a cog in my computer life, so I think my next project is to create an Automator workflow for downloading and playing the latest episode as a morning alarm clock! Coffee and Command-N -- Ahh, life is good.


Sal from Apple

Hello CommandN team. I'm having a problem downloading in iTunes and viewing on an iPod Touch. I've tried both the MPEG4 and H.264 formats and it says it won't copy to the iPod. No problems viewing on iTunes on my Macbook but I'd like to be able to take it with me and view on the Touch too. Any suggestions?

Thanks, love the show

Great show guys. I was refreshing your site like a crack fiend on Thursday waiting for the episode. Is it me or was the H264 episode size small? I tried to make it full screen but everything got out of sync. Could have been my computer though. Loved the out takes as well. Keep em coming. Now I am going to go stalk someone (Thanks Will)!

Hi Guys,

Love the shows.

FYI: your link are malformed, they end in ","
so they don't work.


Thanks guys,
Great to get feedback!

@ Steve, Jan, and jc : Thanks so much!

@ Sal, where do you live, we'll head over one morning and shoot an episode there :)

@ Bob, try the iPod direct link from here it is an m4v and should work when imported to iTunes... having said that I can't even get my iTunes to tell me what I have recently added so for anyone out there who hasn't updated ... DON'T! I've been getting an iHeadache dealing with the latest version.

@ Neondog, the H264 file is about 100MBs, last week I mistakenly put up the 700 version... and people complained so I am going to make a separate link in the future for a real big file for some people who want it :)

@ Carbonated, which links are you referring to? in Steves post there is a comma, so go here http://12seconds.tv/channel/commandN for that, but as far as the show links are concerned they all work fine on Safari, and Firefox? Let me know if you still can't get them ( christopher@commandn.tv ) and I'll email them to you.

@Chris, @Carbonated

Sorry about the extra comma at the end of the http://12seconds.tv/channel/commandN link, I'm not sure how that got in they as I copied and pasted direct from the address bar in Firefox. I'll have to make sure I leave a space before and after in the future.


Also sorry to say this, but I'm glad I'm not the only one have trouble with the recently added and played function in the latest iTunes. I think Apple has spent to much time trying to get it's apps to work on those iPhone/iTouch thingys, and forgot to make sure they worked everywhere else.


I cannot believe you don't recognize one of Amber's co-contributors to MacBreak. Sal = Sal Soghoian, the automator guru. He first appeared on episode 3.


Give him a shot in the arm like you used to do to Andy on Call for Help. :P

thankky youu

great job Amber and Will on this week's episode! I really like the webpick of "speed up your wifi" :) very informative.

commandn should feature this site sometimes http://www.dipwa.ca
it's like the canuck's version of http://www.woot.com. you are really backward if you haven't heard of w00t haha

As always, enjoyed the show. Was a little surprised to hear that Amber is not an iPhone fan. I have an iPhone and love it; but have to admit that its PDA features lack a lot at this stage of its development. I personally don't find the keyboard to be an issue; but at best, I type at the speed of a raging turtle on any keyboard. If she doesn't mind telling us, what kind of phone is Amber packing?

Love the podcast, looks great but please correct the audio. The segment music is way loud and Jeff's segments are low.

I was really surprised how good the iPod version of CommandN looks when output on a television.



All of the pieces fit. Nice job. Nice jacket.

@Daniel - thx, very cool!

@larry - I have a BlackBerry Pearl ;).

Is anyone having problems with Archos?

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