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August 21, 2008


Seriously, I can not watch you video as it is now. I was able to to see the WMV on the previous show , but this time the WMV doesn't work. You should make your format smaller as before... Please I would have to pay another $20 per month just to see your show. Please consider us without a wide wide IP service.

Tom L'

TOM: Thanks a lot for your comment.

EVERYONE: Are there other people in Tom's situation that would like the option to download a much smaller file (obviously lower quality video too). Please let us know in the comments.



I'm not experiencing any issues, so I feel bad for Tom. Quite the contrary... I wanted to commend you for how stellar this widescreen, hiqh quality format looks. I prefer this to the older formats and aspect ratios.

However, choice is often good so I can't argue with providing a format that is smaller if others require it and it's feasible.

@Tom and @Blipfish - thx for your comments! As you can probably notice, we're really trying to give all our viewers what they need (Chris is a rock star for getting the show up and out so quickly, and looking so good). We'll take all comments into consideration and work to fix any issues.

All the best!

@Amber, @Jeff, @Chris

Although I do love the new larger HQ WS version, I copy in to a flash drive to give to a friend to watch as he only has a 512kb dial up, pay per minute internet account, and yes some people do still have those in the UK. The major problem is that he also has a fairly old PC which can not play the H.264 version so I have to either use the compressor program that comes with FCP to make a smaller version that will work, or use one of the FireFox plugins to download the Blip.tv version for him.

If they was an easier way to download the Blip.tv file, by maybe having a seperate standard res feed in iTunes then people with lower bandwidths could subscribe to that feed in iTunes instead of the H.264 version. Shows like Diggnation, TRS have those options in case your wondering what I'm talking about.

Oh and I'm posting this comment as I slowly cache the Blip.tv version on this page, as a watch Women's 10km Marathon swim event from the Olympic's on the BBC's iPlayer. which also now has both standard and high res versions of it video's.

@Will, Great to see you back safe from all your travels, hope Beta is still talking to you after having to leave him for so long.

@SteveintheUK: Beta stays with my brother, who the little guy loves a lot. I have to be the disciplinarian, my brother gets to be the liberal uncle, so those two end up in cahoots while I'm gone. Still, every time I come hope Beta is beside himself with tail wagging and nose licks.

great videos. I enjoy being able to stay in tune with what's new and great out on the web...

and yes, i agree: Free Internet is a great idea.

Hey Tom,

Here is a 50MB file in WMV format for ya,


I hope that is small enough, I tested it using flip for mac but I am not running windows yet on my mac so I can't be 100% sure. Let me know if it is works for ya. 50 mb was the smallest I could make a 12 minute video without going to Flash and still have it watchable :)

Thanks for watching and in the next week I'll make smaller files of the previous shows


Great episode!

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The episode:
1. Loving the higher quality.
2. Some of the new editing and humour inserts seem a bit forced and jarring, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves in future episodes.
3. Bloopers = comedy gold.
4. I'm sure Chris is aware of this, but there were some distracting lighting issues in the first segment. I'm guess it was caused by a moving bounce board?

For some reason the H264 didn't work for me, it would not open. I watched to show on your site's regular player. I don't think the H264 worked last week either.

SteveintheUK: I believe our MPEG4 file should be playable pretty much on any platform. In fact, I think that's what we'd make the small version from.

Does that make sense to those who want a small version (i.e. MPEG4)? B/c we'll really only be able to do one small format (and that probably won't be WMV :-) ), so let us know.



Great show guys. Amber it looked like you had s lot of reflection in your face especially there towards the end. You did a good job with, or I am just seeing things. The quality was awesome. For some reason the intro to "WWW" was super loud then the rest. Speaking of free WIFI, look on Lifehacker for an article on how to get free WIFI at the airport with a URL hack simply using "?.jpg" at the end of your link. Nice to see you back again Will, don't stop now! Again, great show. I am all ready looking forward to the next one like a crack fiend.

Nice camera work, really lifts the show to a new level. But you don't always use 1/3. Is that on purpose?


The Mpeg4 version does play on my friends PC, but my iTunes only downloads the H.264 version. It, at least for me, would be really helpful to have a 2nd low res feed available to subscribe to in iTunes. But that may just be me being lazy. I have one machine just sent up for downloading podcasts in iTunes so don't always get time to download direct from here.

The 2nd low res feed using the Mpeg4 version may also make it easier for other people to play back/download, it may also gain you some extra subscribers.

Glad your getting on with your iPhone, but did you get round to buying one to the case's with an extra battery in?

Steve: Don't think I saw the cases with the battery in it - care to post a link? Sounds cool!


Hey guys,

@Jan... not sure what 1/3 means but I use 2/3 inch 3CCD braodcast DV usually with a wide angel adapter, hence the occasional vingetting when I don't completely take off the skylight filter. Hope that answers your question.

@steve the iTunes feeds will be changing soon, I am not sure to what, initially I am thinking of just a high res apple tv version and a low res iPod version. Having so many streams is spitting the audience for iTunes so that way we can maximize our reach - one ultra high res, one portable version... that way I can free up this page for direct downloads that directly reflect what you guys want where ever you may be geographically located!

Stay tuned to next weeks episode because I will post a forum or at least a thread where we can decide on what feeds and what sizes work best for everybody now AND in the future... I am talking mobile here.. 3GP 3GPP2 etc. and I'll be counting on you guys to help set a new course with us :)

Thanks for the comments and if you want to contact me directly I am at christopher@commandn.tv


Thanks for your help so far and in the coming weeks!!

FYI, just in case you thought those were spelling errors, "angel" adapter is just a bit different than "angle" adapter, it has pixie dust on in and a "braodcast" camera is WAYYY better than a "broadcast" camera.

That is all.


Wow! Love the new look of the show guys, gives it a great feel. I can't believe how many people feel the need to bag what they don't like!! Maybe this is how CSI started out, this must be where they learnt all their cool tricks.....not!

I can't believe the celebs that you guys have access to. I don't know anyone who has been able to feature the Dramatic Hamster that you guys had this week.

Keep up the good work guys!! Best tech show on the web. Keepin it real!


Hah! This episode was huge! Pretty, though.

"Some of the new editing and humour inserts seem a bit forced and jarring, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves in future episodes." — Chris Luckhardt
I agree, but I too am willing to give it a chance.

Yeah, the quality is changing for the better, and I'm sure you guys will be able to work out the rough spots in the coming weeks. And just to be clear, the playback for me was fine, but I _do_ think that the file size is probably a bit much.

I'd have to agree re the humour inserts sorry. I had the episode playing in a corner of my screen whilst working on other things. When "happy happy joy joy" came across the speakers it took me ages to figure out where it came from ? :-)

Loved everything else....although I'd say go easy on the bloopers. It's the main reason I stopped watching GeekBrief...but hey, once a week is OK I guess?

Cheers, Phil

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