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August 17, 2008


It was good to see you and Leo in action again at the New Media Expo. Carol enjoyed herself stalking....oops, I mean watching you and Leo from the audience on Thursday and Friday. ;)

Chris and Carol (from Cambridge)

Really cool interview with iJustine. What video recorders do you use to capture the show?

Hi Amber,

Glad I at least got to say hi to you at New Media Expo. Great show. Good interview with iJutine. Loved the roll ins.


THX for all the feedback! I'll let Chris and Jeff answer any technical questions re: equipment, etc.


Nice show. When I am doing research for papers I use Google Scholar. I say that because you can find full copies of text books there. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next episode.

The flash video is beautiful. I see Go Daddy is back sponsoring.
I was thinking the cabbie interview was for Command N, but I guess it was for one of your other projects.
I hope Will is back soon. The show is best with you interacting with a co-host, imho.

great show amber. looks like you had a great time, love it around 6 minutes, you can see Leo in the background.

AUSTIN: Both our Toronto and Halifax crews have PD-170s, although the Toronto crew sometimes uses Chris Dick's big camera - he'll have to tell you what that one is (some type of Sony pro camera using DVCAM but I can't remember the model number).

ED: Yep, GoDaddy is back and our codes are reactivated if anyone is looking for some web hosting/etc. savings.

LEO: Thanks for being on the show this week!


Forgot my smiley face for Leo :-) .

Great show Amber. I love drop.io. The new firefox feature sounds great, going to check it out now!


Amber, Great to see you at the NME last week. Thanks so much for having me on TWiT live. People: Amber is even cooler and more charming in person!

Great show. The video does look great in the flash player. Amber's dressed quite modestly for 10pm in Las Vegas I might add... :0)

Thank you from Kairouan - Tunisia - Africa - Earth

Can people please stop paying attention to iJustine so that she can finally go away.

good to know you cover Vegas. will you send Will to cover the AVN expo next year?

Problem with H.264 version in iTunes?

iTunes refuses to believe that this file really is playable. Not sure if it is relevant, but I'm running 7.7.1 on a MacBook.

Looking forward to the show!

Hey guys,

You're right, there was a problem uploading the H264 video for iTunes, the h264 version works fine off of this website but for some reason iTunes doesn't see it when it is done. I am uploading a new version to iTunes in the next little bit so we'll keep our fingers crossed.
Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks Chris - you rock.


iJustine? Wow I thought we had heard the last of her?

I think I was having problems with my downloads because the end logo was not showing up on the last few episodes but actually saw it this time and really like it :)

I can not believe you could not find anyone to co-host with you at NME, I would have thought that a bunch of people would have been begging to do it.

Great show as always everyone and thanks for you hard work,

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