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August 02, 2008


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on drobo. I'm researching different backup solutions and found your review informative and helpful. Thanks again!

Hi there - love the show but I can't listen to it anymore....why? Are you now anti-mp3ers? Is this a conspiracy to get us all to buy the blessed iPod things? Hang on - couple of deep breaths and let the medication kick in....that's better.

OK, let me explain. I live in the UK and have only very recently discovered CommandN from a recommendation in a web magazine I read. Being a major web techie type person I loved CommandN from the first time I heard it - even though I sometimes have to mentally convert from American/Canadian to UK, but that's a minor thing. In order to get to my place of labour I have a hour and a quarters travel on ferry and buses and CommandN coupled with net@night gave me a nice start to at least one day a week as I listened on my MP3 player. However, the last two episodes haven't had a MP3 download link. Is this an oversight or a deliberate attack on those of us who don't own iPods or other mobile movie playing devices? Or maybe it's all a conspirarcy with the shadow government and those pesky aliens.....(who said I'd seen too many X-Files trailers?).

Roy, I will make you an mp3 link right now!!


Dr. Horrible?

*I*, Dr. Feynman J. Fyzziks, should be in the Evil League of Evil ... not Dr. Horrible!

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Great episode as usual. Regarding the DroboShare: If you've got an Airport Extreme base station, you can also share your Drobo that way, with both Mac and Windows machines. It's not the fastest network disk, but it works well enough for our small office.

Thanks for the MP3 link - it does make the start to my day soooo much nicer!

Hi, I'm just about to get some GODADDY hosting. Are you still sponsored by GoDaddy? Does the promo-code COMMAND10 still work?

why does Jeff always say "I'm Jeff MacArthur, enjoy" at the end of his segment?, sounds kinda creepy, lol :)

1) Dr. Horrible is worth paying $4.00 on iTunes just to support Whedon's use of new media.

2) As soon as Drobo has eSATA connectivity I'll get it. I might have considered the firewire version but Vista doesn't play well with firewire (at least on my machine).

3) I miss Will but loved Rahaf. It was almost like watching two Ambers!

@Roy - Chris (CD) has your back ;)!

Thanks for the alltop link. Great pick.

Great episode! Thanks for recommending Dr. Horrible - muhahaha! I love it that your shows are now in HD, and I think the new effects you added (picture-in-picture, the transitions that look like OSX Fast User Switching) look really nice. Keep up the great work!

I was hoping that at some point Jeff could go through EXACTLY how to set up the DroboShare to work with iTunes and AppleTV from start to finish. .

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