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August 02, 2008


Yay the return of outtakes at the end!
Great show. I like the nice bigger flash player. However, is it just me or is the stereo audio reversed (at least in the flash version)?

Watched the show in H264, looks great, only have a few pointers. Do not pan the hosts left/right in the mix, it gives less weight to what they are saying. I found Amber talking on the left side while she was visually on the right side. Very distracting. Because the hosts are side by side, you also hear the phasing of the mics more, and also hear when the mics come in and out more because they are panned to each side. Also when you go to graphics while a host is talking, you see the graphics but hear the host talking on one side of a stereo mix. This is not good but easily fixable.
I lIke the graphics coming in and out, but if you want to have a box over the shoulder, you have to zoom in on a single shot of who ever is talking, otherwise you cannot see the graphic because it is too small in the frame. The whole idea of a talking head with a graphic over the shoulder is to give more impact to the subject at hand. Being able to see the graphic and the host while they are talking gives the viewer a concentrated visual of the topic.
I think you're on the right track. A few tweeks here and there and you're set.

Your audio is switched left-to-right. Very confusing. I thought for a moment that my Imac speakers were faulty. Love your show though - I try to watch every one of them.

Good show! The audio mix was weird, but Rahaf was an intelligent co-host... and rather cute. :)

Thanks for all the feedback! By the end of the summer, we are all set to bring the quality of the show up a notch. Big thanks to Chris @MGImedia for all his hard work taking over the editing!


I am sure the sound problem was more profound for those of us who listen with noise cancelling earphones. Enough said about that.
The Drobo review will send me right out for the network connector. No mention of a discount code, as in Cali Lewis' Drobo code. (Go to Geekbrief.tv to get it.)
The other distraction was all of the head knodding.
Thanks for the alltop link.


I watched a couple of weekends ago, I watched because a) looked jolly fun b) the interverse was alive with posts that it would be only free until midnight on the Sunday.

However, it is still available free from the website but now with an option to download from iTunes (though not if you are in (at least) the UK).

If you have not seen yet then it looks like there is still time without having to pay.

Remember boys and girls, don't listen to rumours (except the one about it still being available).

Great show, well done all three of you (and the people behind the camera too).



The sound problem comes from when they recorded it in the camera each mic was in a different channel and most of the time when it is edited it will be set to mono or paned to the center.

Great show! Just writing to disagree with you ladies on the Hasbro/Scrabulous ordeal. :) I actually think it was very forward-thinking of Hasbro to offer the Scrabulous makers any amount of money at all; after all, these people committed blatant trademark violation. Think about how Apple deals with people who do this. Now, for the Scrabulous makers to request more money (and if I recall correctly, an obscene amount more) for their unauthorized product was just plain greedy, and if anyone's reputation has been tarnished by this situation, it's that of the Scrabulous makers.

That said, I understand there have been some initial problems with Hasbro's Scrabble application, and it would have been nice if this could have gone smoother.

I respectfully disagree about the Hasbro issue. IP rights are for protection of owners - no matter what a fanbase thinks. It may not have been ideal but one can't begrudge a company for doing what they're legally obliged to do. It shouldn't make them the villain. The developers of Scrabulous were lucky any offer was made.

Hopefully, Hasbro can come up with a decent version of their game - the last one was fairly schlocky.

However, on a more positive note: I love the wider format video of CommandN - looks stellar in quality, too! Jeff's closeup and over-the-shoulder looked great... but Jeff looked sleepy. ;)

The Scrabulous debate is an interesting one (I can see both sides, and of course agree that IP rights are for the protection of owners). I guess I still think some type of transition would have been interesting, but truthfully it's hard to comment much more because I really don't know the details of any offer.

Glad you like the wider video!!!


The last two episodes (141, 142), both in mpg4 and h.264 formats, cannot be copied to my ipod touch because "the movie format is not supported". However, I can still play previous episodes on my ipod, and I can watch all episodes with no problem with my laptop itself. I have Tiger 10.4.11 and the latest versions of iTunes and iPod Touch software. Have you noticed this problem, or is it only me? Thanks.

Just tried cuil, have to say they have a lot of work to do. I did a simple search for a series that I watch and I got a number of hits listed but all I saw was the ones for official sites, did a search for fan sites and again didn't get any of those. They need to work on the search engine.

If Hasbro where so worried about their copyrights why didn't they get Scrabulous closed down as soon as they found out about them? Will it's because they knew it was a good product that came to the right socail network at the right time and if Hasbro had closed them down then by the time Hasbro had they own version of Scrabulous up and run people would have moved on to the next thing.

I'm not sure whether Hasbro version will be as popular as Scrabulous but they may have left it to long for some people to still be interested. It was that fact that it was made by two guys in Indian that got it so much publicity in the first place, I didn't see how Hasbro could have hoped to have got that amount of free marketing for they version by themselves.

Anyway, does anybody have any idea how Cuil.com is coded? as it comes up with loads of links when I use it, just hardly any that have anything to do with want I'm searching for. Search though 120bilion sites/pages is fine, but then just coming up with random stuff is a bit pointless. That's what we have the Stumbleupon Stumble button for.

@Amber, I know you have been travelling but HOW have you not seem Dr Horrible yet?

@Rafar, Hi Welcome back, I know its only a temp visit and I'm looking forward to see Will back with Amber again after is summer of trips, but it is good to have a fresh face on commandN. You do seem a lot more relaxed than first time.

@Jeff, I now Drodo share had an ethernet connection but didn't know it was a Gigabit, that could be really useful for an up coming project, so Thanks for the heads up on that. So how long would it take for your Drobo to update its self once you replaced the current smallest drive with one of those soon to be out 1.5tb drives? That time is the only issue I have with the Drobo over a straight Raid setup.

@Chris, Having the site up in a split screen with the hosts is a great idea, will more Amber is always good, but it just needs a little work or the 'now'. Maybe sliding the hosts over without rescaling it and laying the graphics over the top of the other side would look a little smoother, or try the coverflow style split screen but again with the sides of the hosts slightly cropped to fit them in easier. But apart from that small little detail, and sticking the audio in mono the show is looking great. Hope that makes sense to you, it's fairly easy to do in FCP.

Great show - you both work well together - it would be interesting to have all together at once perhaps if not in person through webcams - Jeff I enjoy your take on Drobo not everyone has the top of the line system so your comments were "keeping it real" for those of us that work with what we have

H.264 podcast: audio reversed? (L->R, R->L)

Hey guys,
Had to pan the audio on Rahafs mic... Unbelievable hiss going on the sony mic... Nobody else can hear it apparently but it drives me crazy so tried to tone it out as much as possible. Thanks for the video framing ideas, I'll be experimenting as much as I can, gotta keep things fresh and fun or it will quickly look like the news and we don't want that!!
Here is Jib Jab's take on the news http://www.jibjab.com/originals/what_we_call_the_news
Thanks for watching


Really like the new look Chris. I thought the sound was great even though it crossed. Have another Command N party at NoRegrets, the last one was great. Maybe we can have a cake for the CommandN retirees Mikie and Bamcat. Keep up the innovation.

Hi. I enjoyed the show. I agree that cuil should be more customizable. Now, for the constructive criticism - you need to fix the Alltop link in the show notes - it points to JibJab. Also, audio, as mentioned above both being flipped and the slight static noise, probably from Rahaf's jacket.

Another great episode especially like the info on the drobo network connector time to forget about taking that old computer out of the closet and consider one of these things.

Dr. Horrible is fantastic I am glad to see it is still available to watch on the web. Looking forward to the interview with cast member. I can't wait for the DVD to be released.

Curious why it took so long for Horrible to get a mention on the show.

Thanks for another great show look forward to the next one.

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