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July 25, 2008


@Amber, It's great that Qik.com has now gone public, but do we really need to have 118hr 15 mins of video of the Scobleizer? 118+ hours of AmberMac Yes, but Scobleizer Noooo. and Batman is one of my favorites too, he always has the best cars, which is the only thing us mere mortals could possible stand a chance of getting our hands on.

@Jeff, Just had a quick look at the EZ-Calculators, and found the Velocity, Length & Weight Conversion calculators really useful already, so many Thanks for that link. I used to use the Google conversion but find these a lot easier to use.

Oh and sorry the 3G iPhone battery life sucks so much, I'm used to only having to charge my Sony Ericsson W-810i once every 5 or so days, and that's when using the MP3 player for 4 or 5 hours per charge, so couldn't see me being able to cope with having to charge a 3G every day. Does the battery last longer if you turn the GPS and 3G off? can you turn them off though?

I do like the full widescreen version, even if the graphics have black bars at the sides, so don't worry about it taking longer than planned to get them converted to widescreen. Can't wait to see what you do for/with the Puma ads.

Though it is nice to see the siblings together on PEI, there is more of an "on vacation, wish you were here..." feel about this episode. Amber is much more laid back and relaxed in the company of family on familiar ground, but...
What I am trying to say is it is nice to have you together, but I prefer the format where Amber is the alpha dog in the cutting edge urban environment and Jeff is the wise man on the island sharing his sage advice.
The good news is we've added PEI to our itinerary when we take a summer off next year to travel from B.C. to the Atlantic. EOM

Hi Amber,

I've had to switch over to the iPod feed on your site as the h264 will not play reliably on my aged P4 in iTunes and I wanted something that would play on my Touch. So it was with a little distress I noticed that the latest episode 141, is missing from the iPod feed.

One other thing, Please Jeff when you get to reviewing the iPhone and Touch, take note of the horrible video playback on the Touch under the 2.0 firmware. It has been noticed by many people that once upgraded the smooth 1.1.4 FF,RW and scrub bar performance is replaced by janky key framing and depending on the played file format either on FF, normal sound with video FF to catch up, long freeze frame and then start or in the case of Cnet Live H264 complete loss of audio sync if you even breath on the FF,RW or scrub bar.

Must say 'Love the show'.


I couldn't think of anything else to QIK.com, but here is my contribution.



Here's a link to another article about Apple and it's Mobile.me app


And people moans about a small company like Twitter having problems with it's online service, but even Apple can't get it right even with all the money and staff it has to throw at the problem.

Hope both Twitter and Apple get there problems sorted out soon.

What is going on with the last two episodes? Last week's came through on iTunes as 3 seconds in length. This week's show completely crashes iTunes every single time it starts to download??? I keep hearing how great Apple products are from shows like this. Why are there so many issues with it?

I have the same problem as SteveintheUK, except it doesn't crash iTunes, it causes it to hang, useless.

I can't download 140 or 141 I up graded to 7.7 and it freezes when I try to download 141 what is up.

Hi All,

@Gary the iPod feed should be up now, sorry it was a bit funky yesterday
@Sharan and bfos7215 - Looking into this new iTunes problem I too have been bit by the upgrade bug, keep me posted regarding future episodes...


@bfos7215, @Hans & @Sharon McFalls

Although I use iTunes to automatic download the new episodes of commandN, I run iTunes on a fairly old PC so it's not able to play videos directly within iTunes, but if I open them directly in QuickTime player they work fine.

The main problem I have with the latest version of iTunes is that the 'Recently Added' and 'Recently Played' list don't work, which is a real pain.

@Chris, You doing a great job at filling Brian's shoes with the filming, and those are some big shoes to fill.

Thanks again for your patience ;). I think we've sorted out of the feed issue, but please let us know if you continue to have problems.


Good to hear, Amber.

Now, does anybody know how to get a podcast (as I recall it only needed to process the file; it isn't in the CommandN folder yet) out of the download queue from outside of iTunes; what file would I have to edit?

A well, I'm headed out of town on vacation, so I'll worry about it in a couple weeks.


To get to an iTunes download file you just have to go via the desktop straight to the folder that itunes downloads too.

To find out which folder iTunes downloads to:
open iTunes
then open the Perferneces, under 'Edit' on a PC.
click on the Advanved tag
at the top of the General window, it will tell you what folder it iTunes downloads too.

If you have the 'Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized' clicked then all the commandN episodes will be in the download folder in a sub-folder called commandN.

Hope this help's?

please add me to the list of people having problems with the last two episodes causing iTunes to hang with the spinning beach ball. every time I try to get the mpeg4 version through iTunes (7.7)
it just hangs and I have to force quit. this was as of 7 pm Sunday the 27th.
thank you so much for all the work you do to keep us all informed.


Add me to the people who have had problems with the last two episodes on iTunes 7.7. I get the the spinning beach ball, too, and I have to force quit in order to clear iTunes. I'm a long time fan and find this glitch a real drag. I need your show to keep me informed and up-to-date. Over the years you've led me to lots of great sites and software, along with your news and reviews. . .

Came on here to post about the hanging up of itunes issue when downloading and saw others are having problems as well. Itunes 7.7 with an imac. Hopefully we'll get a fix soon.

Same problem on iTunes 7.7 on WinXP. Can't donwload 140 or 141. As amatter of fact, 141 crashes iTunes. :(

Hi everyone,

I can assure you we will get these issues fixed asap. The more specific you can be about what file you're downloading, what OS you're using, what version of iTunes you're using, the better we can address these problems.

Thank you ;).

Problems with episodes 140-141 of the MPEG4 feed in iTunes 7.6.2, OS X 10.5.3 (Intel/MacBook Pro), QuickTime 7.5.0 (861). Files download 250-390 MB, then fail, then disappear, sometimes freeze and/or crash iTunes.

I have a question concerning the iPhone. I am new to the SMS stuff and was wondering if I use Twinkle or Facebook APP will those messages count as SMS (alot of money) or will they be part of the data plan I have? Thanks for any help

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