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July 25, 2008


I have also started having the beachball of death spinning problems with itunes. What a pain.

Guys, love your show, but have one issue which I don't see mentioned anywhere - the volume of the intro, intakes and out-takes is much louder than the segment audio. I'm not sure if it's your editing or my machine, but it's pretty annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

I too:
A, dig the show- but...
B, last two episodes will not play on iphone [says wrong format] and in itunes get spinning wheel of death.

looking forward to seeing the show next week!


@Jeff...come back to Toronto! Command N party. ;)

Great show - appreciated review on iPhone great information - Amber you know how to appear professional and lovely always - Jeff ... you dress like a guy - I am not trying to be disrespectful it balances the show nicely

@Steve — That's the point; iTunes hangs (spinning B-ball and all that) almost as soon as I open it. I've rebooted, reinstalled, and upgraded iTunes to no effect. It doesn't matter how long I wait; iTunes doesn't respond after about the first second, and so far that hasn't been long enough to do anything constructive. (And I do know where my iTunes files are, as I put them there.)

@Amber — In addition to the above information, I've been downloading the .mpeg4 file, because iTunes wouldn't load the h.264 file onto my Classic.

One time after I launched iTunes, I was able to get the iTunes Store and Purchases in view before it became hung, and there was no evidence of the Downloads list, but I suppose that doesn't mean it wasn't trying to start downloading and getting hung that way.

I'm that far behind that I haven't caught up yet on my podcasts (partly because it's beginning to be the busy season for me), but it's getting close. I could download files directly, but I can't then load them onto my iPod, which is synched to this particular iTunes. That means I'll only be able to listen to/watch podcasts at my computer.

Anyway, thanks for trying.


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