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July 16, 2008


how's the 3G coverage in Canada?

I think it's just around major (which for us only means breaking the 6-figure mark :-) ) population centers.

You can check on...


Thanks for watching!


I think it's just around major (which for us only means breaking the 6-figure mark :-) ) population centers.

You can check on...


Thanks for watching!


Another great episode - you two were very bright and happy and it's contagious. Thanks for what you do... watching CommandN is part of my weekly entertainment.

Found it humorous that Amber was talking about stickin' it to big brother while in the physical company of her significantly bigger brother.

hey guys, the show is excellent as always. i appreciate the effort to eliminate the windowboxing this week, but it looks like it didn't come out quite right. the video is 3:2 but it looks like you shot it at 16:9, so you're all a little stretched vertically.

Hi all,
Thank you so much for the great comments. We're taking over the editing of the show in-house at MGImedia, so are working on fixing a few things (i.e. we appreciate your patience). Also, we are working with Puma as an advertiser in the next few weeks...we're all very excited about this.
All the best ;).

I got to play around with the display 3G iPhone at Fido. Amazing little machine. Great iPhone story. Leo was giving them away on his twit tv show.

Still no sign of any 3G iphones here in toronto. I'm on a waiting list, only 7 people in front of me, but no peep from the store this week. Curious to know what Jeff is using to protect his 3G, I've ordered the invisible shield, we'll see how that works out. Puma eh? Are you going to do an episode running? Good luck with that.

I would not worry about the slight Amber being worried about the towering Jeff. I have it on good authority [1] that Jeff's nautical nightmare mentioned in the show was as a result of a tampered fuel line after some family dispute over aforementioned Jeff succumbing to the lure of Rogers' evil data plan against Amber's advice.

On an altogether different subject, the PrivNotes.com looks fun and I bet whoever Twittered that link to Amber is both wise and dashing, even if someone with a habit of changing his online name more than his socks.


[1] No I don't.

So I'm guessing that your new advertiser may be linked to you thinking about doing the 2009 PEI Marathon? So what came first the Marathon or the Shoe? It is good to see commandN getting a sponsor that's from outside the normal tech industry.

Glad you made it back safe after running out of fuel, hope you are enjoying your 3G iPhone, so is the battery life really as bad as some people have been reporting? Oh and thanks for the ColorJack.com link

Perky show from PEI. Looks more laid back than t. Maybe we will get to see the Captain driving the boat, with her trusty crew. Better read up on the boating safety rules before the Man find you

Congrats on the sponsor! I hope this means CommandN will be around for a long time!

@Dones - we are thrilled that Puma has signed on as a sponsor for the next few weeks (I am a big Puma fan, so can't imagine a better fit!).

@Rob - yes, definitely a little more chill.

By September we plan to have new motion graphics for the show and throughout the next couple of weeks we appreciate your patience as we transition from Brian shooting/editing to Chris at MGImedia.

All the best!

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Ed/Video: Yeah, I figured out the aspect ratio problem only after uploading to blip.tv - this has been corrected in all the renders for the downloadable files (coming very soon!).

Ranceman/iPhone Case: I just picked up the last case they had at FutureShop here b/c the other old iPhone cases apparently don't fit the new iPhones. It's just a Roots leather case with clip - no cover (which I became convinced was unnecessary after watching an assortment of iPhone screen abuse video online :-) ). InvisibleShield is great, though, and I think the best treatment for any non-glass screened iPod.

Steve/iPhone Battery: Not to scoop myself in my upcoming review but, yeah, the battery life is pretty bad - like necessary recharge every single day without even doing anything out of the ordinary.

Andrew/Ian: Funny stuff :-) .

Thanks for watching!


At first I was like, "What's with the black bars?" And then it hit me: "Wait. It's widescreen!"

Good deal. I guess this might mean more panoramic shots in cool new locales? New excuse to travel?

The music during the segment transitions is too loud. When listening, the normal voice volume is fine, but when a segment break comes on, it blasts me out.


I've been trying for two days, but I can't get it to download properly, though iTunes or directly. It starts fine but either doesn't finish or when it finishes I'm told it's not a proper movie file.

Any suggestions?

Could you all turn down the volume for the intros. I think that's what you call them. I'm talking about the orange things between each segment. They are much louder then the rest of the show. I use headphone and I feel like the intros are going to blow my ears off.


There are superfluous br tags appended to the download links for the H.264 and iPod versions.

For folks unable to download:


Hope this helps.

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