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May 02, 2008


Love the way you shot that contest promo. Can you use the wide angle lens & handheld camerawork more often?

Cool to finally see the show shot in widescreen - but it's kind of wasted when it's letterboxed. Crop down the graphics and Jeff's video to 16.9 and you're set :-)

Great rapport between Amber & Will. Audio levels perfect too. It just sounded so much better this week, so thanks for that!

Continuing from the above - it just looked like a whole different show this week! You guys were perfectly colour-coordinated with the backdrop, which was made more interesting by the people walking past, so it was fantastic visually. Perfect lighting conditions too. Did you have a whole production team working on the show this week?

great show you all
the guy from the first group that walked by totally checked your butt out ,I know because i would do the same thing :p

Thx for the comments! FYI - we are having some issues with our feeds, so apologies that the show is not yet on iTunes. We're working hard to fix the situation!

Sorry for turning up late to the 'Party in the comments' been helping friends with a house move.

Loved the new widescreen look, is commandN going to be moving to a full widescreen format or was this just a camera test?

Glad to see the audio levels and lighting where really good this week, and as Liam K said above great use of location.

Hope you get lots of entrance for the MESH contest but maybe you could offer a commandN co-host slot with Amber and Will as a prize in a separate contest?

@Amber, Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed Mikey hogging the mic in the last show

@Will, Sorry that you still have to do home work, hope your at least getting good grades?

@Jeff, Thanks for the tip about using Alias folders. You just saved me have to move all my media files on to an even bigger HD, no I can just add extra drives and link them with alias folders.

Oh, and hope Libsyn.com get the file uploading working soon, but this Blip.tv file is pretty good quality at only 47mb for a nearly 14min show. What compression rate do they use?

It is nice the way you integrate information from the comments on the previous episode into your opening remarks. It lends to the feeling of connectivity that makes a podcast not TV.
I must comment on the remarkable cleanliness the alleyways in Toronto. Or is that Earth Day just passed?
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the front row tips Jeff. I never tried aliases. Now if this could somehow translate to the Apple TV, Apple would have another $230 from me. Streaming video to the PS3 has proved to be annoying

Amber, I was expecting you to go into a Rick Mercer style rant during the Mesh contest promo.

Genius idea to add "extras" to your set. LOL

The Download link on the DVD Assist page is dead so not very useful. I did find this little interesting link instead: http://appletv.nanopi.net/

If someone can find a good link for DVD Assist though, I'd be very happy.

Amber, did I hear you say "We're very amateur."? You said that in commandN #131!

@Cristiano - you can download DVD Assist here: http://web.archive.org/web/20061209032027/http://mysite.verizon.net/resohjb1/DVDAssist147.dmg.zip


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Great show once again. Amber, You looked so like a CNN war zone reporter in Your outfit! :-)

Just got around to watching this episode...

Jeff's Front Row tips in this episode reminded me of my recent fav:


Enjoy! ;-)

Amber is blonde again? When did that happen? :-)

You can check out Gin, Television, and Social Surplus at...

very very interesting.

@Derek - it's been a slow progression ;).

I think not! you are setting the bar!
Keep up the great work!!


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