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April 28, 2008


Really glad that you are having another contest for viewers on commandN, I think the last/first one was way back on ep005. It's a shame that it's only really open to people local to MESH due to cost of travel/accommodation but still, what a really cool prize for a contest.

I can't wait to see what ideas your fans come up with, so as an added bonus will the winners be able to meet up with any of you there?

Yup, we will make a big effort to meet up with any commandN fans at MESH!

Wow! Be prepared for an awesome submission from me, a student who just missed a student ticket by 30 seconds!

@Miranda - awesome! We haven't had too many entries, so the chances of winning are great!

P.S. We will have a new show out today!


I was just checking on here to see why Wednesdays show hadn't shown up on iTunes yet, so thanks for the update.

Hopefully you will get loads more enters after people have had time to film and edit them over the weekend, not everybody are such pro's that they can record a show without any outtakes. Or are you still saving them up for a really long outtakes special?

Great Sparks by the way

Great contest idea, and both Westjet and AirCan are having seat sales that week. Hrm... I'm going to have to put a video together, and I know *just* what I'm going to do.

@Mike - please do!

@Steve in the UK - is this your site - http://searchcommandn.com/ - wow, just saw it!


Yes Amber, that is one of my sites, I also have http://commandnsearch.com Same content, different layout, host, software.

Just using your shows to test out some hosting sites and different blogging software.

Oh, and sorry this reply is a little late

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