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February 28, 2008


Commence with party in the comments.

@Will I'll be at the party in the comments soon, stuck at parents due to blown engine with only cell phone internet access.

Can't wait to get home to watch this episode and find a replacement for Stage6. Anybody got any suggestions?
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Instead of watching videos, read Neil Gaiman's Novel American God's. There is a link on his blog to where you can go and read the entire novel free on-line.
I had trouble watching this weeks show. Usually all it takes is to click on the image and it plays. This week it kept opening the Quicktime player. I think it may have something to do with all of the "upgrades" and patches that have automatically loaded this week. It would then stop and display an icon that looks like a piece of film with a right arrow in it. I ended up "saving link as" and getting the .mov version. I was interesting seeing it full screen using the VLC player but the file was huge!

Neil Gaiman is great - I was introduced to him through Sandman (possibly the pinnacle long-run series in comic book history). I believe we've referenced Sandman in a previous episode, actually.

Looking forward to some more successfully film adaptations of his stuff, because Gaiman's story-telling is out of this world.

Thanks for posting!


I have to admit, I'm a new viewer to commandN. Personally, I think the music in the intro and the transitions are a bit geeky and don't really reflect the music that tech people listen to. Where is the gangster rap, where is the hard rock, where is the Engelbert Humperdinck?



We've had that music and those graphics for a couple of years, so perhaps we can consider switching it up later in 08.

Thx for the feedback ;).

Will Pate wears striped toques. That is all.

I read American Gods last summer, fantastic book!

Don't know if you've heard of it but this is a GREAT map blog http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/
PS. Love the show!

For some reason, whenever Amber says "bugging" it sounds like the f-bomb. And even though I know what she's saying, it still takes me by surprise.

And then I'm like, "Oh. She said 'bugging.'"

Some good energy saving tips there Jeff.

Just did a piece on my blog about the failure of 'E-Day' here in the UK and the changes in energy production:


Speaking of energy conservation, I came across this (http://tinyurl.com/23lykp) comparison of power utilization of the Xbox, Wii, and PS3. What a difference! I told my son, who is a Nintendo fanboy, that Nintendo ought to market the Wii as the "green console". Not that they need to market the Wii...

I just got around to watching this weeks CommandN and I have a comment on the tech tips. I am all for cutting energy use, but I have another idea. Why not keep computers on, but busy with projects like folding@home. I guess it depends on what you see as most important, saving the environment or helping find cures for diseases. I have always been a fan of the @home projects and think that a larger benefit could come from me running one than shutting off my computer when I sleep. In the end, I think its personal preference, but makes for an interesting debate.

Extra Extra Read all about it!!

On March 4, 2008 8:00 PM EST Time

Will Pate was guest appearance discussing online social networks on "The Agenda with Steve Paikan"

Way to go Will!!!

Does it mean you will be wearing shades now? Since your become a celebrity? lol


Hey guys,
Being highly (overly?) educated you'll probably appreciate this blog I found:

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