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February 23, 2008


good episode you all
request : always embed the blip.tv video so i can go full screen with it
yes to HD commandn

When you are reporting from outside it has the feel of a "reporting live from..." piece. When you shoot all the same shots from the couch with a low angle, it feels like I am sitting on the floor taking part in a casual conversation in someone's apartment.
It is nice, but not as engaging.
Winter s^*#s!!

I disagree about Bluray being in a market no one wants. Why? I'm still not convinced we're at a point of digital distribution. 1080p especially is still very very demanding. I still have trouble streaming HD Apple trailers (720p) at work (University of MD).

People still enjoy a physical medium, and I think bluray will hit the $20/disc within a year, as well as cheaper players. Will, you said the PS3 isn't doing well... it has been booming since the 399 pricecut. As much as I hate to say it, Sony finally might have a good year. And the biggest point... NETFLIX. I agree when Jobs says most people don't want to own the discs.. just rent it.

My opinion will change if Apple/Netflix let you queue up whatever you want, and PRE-DOWNLOAD your queue. It solves the streaming HD problem we sit on, and would be a huge push for online distribution.

Hell, allow people to also act as local P2P clients for the preloaded content, and get some credit. Granted, I doubt the ISP's would like this much.

In the UK Tesco's are renting 200+ films on Blu-ray, plus, at least at the moment, have 100+ HD-DVD's available, They haven't said yet that they will be stopping the HD-DVD rentals. I've also already spotted fairly new released film to buy on Blu-Ray for under £10.

I know this sounds like an advert for Tesco, it's not by the way, it just surprise me at how fast Blu-Ray has taken off over here, and at now quickly the price has dropped. A year ago the cheapest Blu-ray disc was nearly £35.

As for HD Downloads, the BBC iPlayer streams fairly well at standard res, which only takes a couple of seconds to skip along the timeline, but they also have a 10Mb per min version that you can download, these can take up to 3 time the length of the show to download, 30 min show = 90min download (2Mb broadband), 10Mb per min is no where near the size of HD quality, 4Mb+ per SEC, so how long would they take to download?

My ISP are just bringing out a 20Mb service, but would that be able to cope with HD streaming/downloads? and what are the ISP going to do about bandwidth capping?

Anyway, great show from the comfort of Amber's sofa, but what happened to the 'Mikey and Will Show' for this episode? Glad to see Amber though, and it would be good to see Will in HD, but only because we would also get to see Amber in HD.

@Jeff, 8 AA batteries at once, it's not fair, the chargers like yours that I've seem over here only do a max of 4.

You guys are definitely getting soft. Bring on the snowstorms! Torrential rains! Extreme weather Command-N!!!

Another video site goes HD? Cool. Hopefully this will start mounting pressure on Youtube. Yay for me, I'm managing a couple of different accounts on Youtube, personal and professional - I think I'd cry tears of joy if they just turned up video bitrates by a couple hundred k. Difficult for them as I don't think Youtube is exactly a cash cow for Google as it is, but if they introduced a paid premium service I'd sign up straight away.

Hah, bring on CommandN-HD!

Handy review by Jeff - and borne out of real need too, I like that :). How fast is that battery charger? I like my AA/AAA charger because it's nice and fast.

Amber, it has been a while since I emailed you. You may not remember me. Tonight, I want to say that watching this episode where you and Will are sitting on the leather sofa. I really like your new look. It has grown on me now. Also, I think I was a bit jealous seeing Will siting next to you. It should be me instead. :-) Then I hear you don't drink! I don't either. WOW!

Why is it you don't drink?

Anyhow, I think you are on a hot streak now. You are incredible! Hope your venture into video works out. I will guarantee I will never miss and episode!

Have fun!


@Kelly - Welcome back!

As for our next show, I promise we'll be outside ;).


LIAM: It's not a fast charger at all - the times are in the screenshot and on the site we link to...

8 AA in 14 hrs
8AAA in 4 hrs
4 C/D in 7 hrs
1 9V in 12 hrs

...As I said, not a quick charger, but those things are hard on your batteries too. Anyway, working great for me so far :-) .




I love your videos as always, but I'm thinking you need a co-host that is a normal sized guy, the poor little guy makes you look a little larger than you really are, in #123 sitting on the couch next to him didn't do you justice

Love all of you but someone really needs to get a handle on the sound recording. your levels are all over the place it makes me crazy. please please please look into this

@drew - We'll look into it, thx for the feedback ;).

thanks sorry for the double post

Ok, this time I definitely heard Amber drop the F-bomb at minute 6 in the show.

For shame! ;)

You might have to change your iTunes rating to be "Explicit".

@Alex - nope, definitely not! It's funny it keeps appearing as I am dropping the F-bomb!

Well, I guess for the record, its just coincidental. But off the record, you did. I'll have someone who can read lips verify for me.

I only mention this because its a repeat offense.

But its all okay with me. Its refreshing to find such a laid back atmosphere in a newscast.

Love the show!

I'm with Alex! :O


Although it does sound like Amber dropped the F-bomb, again, she just 'bugging' poor Will.

I spent 9 years working in college's so learnt to lip read the F-bomb pretty well, and Amber is close to saying it, but she's just far enough off not to get kicked out off class.

@Amber, Maybe you should try and stop saying 'bugging' when on camera. As the third time will get you fined, or kicked out into the snow. Try 'teasing', 'messing' or something else that sound a lot less like the F-bomb then 'bugging' does, but it is fun to try and spot you saying it though.

Loving the format of you guys inside, it really is great to experience, I really do prefer it. Love the show, thank you for the sheer effort involved.

Yah, I'm behind in the episodes a little bit. WP reminded me of these:


and regarding you two never being on the same page, it makes for great diversity. There's a saying in business: when two people agree on everything, one of them isn't needed!

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