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February 02, 2008


Incredible episode! A few comments...After picking up the acoustic guitar about a year back, I really appreciated Amber's web find for lessons. Also enjoyed the twitter breakdown. I hate to admit it, but never really got the gist of twitter until this episode...thanks for the new addiction!

OK, I know I'm a little slow, but that background doesn't look like a snowed in Toronto to me? So either you have been playing with chromakey in FCP, or just ran away to your parents in Florida?

Guess I'll find out once this episode has finished downloading from this site, It's still not up on iTunes in the UK by the way.

@Amber - So Amber you did run of to the sun then, surprised you where able to get a plane out of Toronto though, Andy Walker had a real problems trying to escape Toronto by plane this week, Great view, have you been Jet Skiing with your mum again yet?

@All Viewers - Prize to the first person to find and post a link to that image of Amber looking like Marcia Brady, OK the prize is just getting to be the first to post the link, but I think it's a good prize. Happy Hunting

@Will - so when did you pose for the photo of the guy in the blue top on the Leopard Banner Ad on LostRemote.Com? and Thanks for the info on TwitterMail.

@Jeff - So how are those twin's coming along? It can't be long now before they are due and you no longer have anytime to play with your Wii, and Thanks for the Easter present idea for my brother.

@Amber - I do miss Guitar Vision, a very funny game... L&L

Steve, I'm in an Apple Leopard banner ad? Oh, my agent is gonna hear about this. I haven't even upgraded yet! :P I can't find it, if you catch it again take a screenshot.

@Will - Click on Amber's webPICKS, Best ad campaign ever,link above. It's also in this episode towards the end.

I don't think she noticed that the guy looked a lot like you though.

@Will - This is the one that most looks like you though


There's is another image on Amber's link.

Twins should be here in the next couple of weeks!


Florida? I'm so jealous! I just finished shoveling the roof of my house and there's at least 4 feet of snow in my yard. :(
Another great episode. @Jeff - Totally agree with your assessment of SMG. Best game out there for the Wii right now.

whats up with the crappy camera image , that was worser than the first pre commandn you and mike shot with the i camera in the car

Who didn't like last week's GoDaddy commercial? I was kinda thinking Amber was going to get a GoDaddy jacket and do her own version of the commercial.

Excellent episode. My favorite set of free online guitar lessons has to be the ones done by Justin Sandercoe, however. Check him out at http://www.justinguitar.com/

I really like that you get command n out every week no matter where you are but man, buy a cheap camcorder that records to an sd card. You can get a cheap one for under $100 and it can give a much better quality image than the one in this episode!

Still, pixelated Amber is better than no Amber at all!

Jeff MacArthur, liked the Super Mario Galaxy review. The graphics look great, and I'm glad you threw that bit in about it being easy to pick up.

Brian, twitterholic.com and terraminds.com/twitter/...very nice finds. Many thanks!

A valentine's gift for shop rats.

On February 15th, 2008, The Woodworking Channel will be relaunching with a host of new community features, user generated content and best of breed resources for today’s woodworker.

If you have a table saw go to

Hey Jeff, I love that t-shirt.
Any tips on where one can pick it up? =)

Hey! Glad you guys liked the show. It was a bit of a scramble for me to shoot something during my w/end in Florida, but we made it happen ;).

It's been really interesting mixing up the show as of late. Who knows where we'll be in a few weeks (actually, Jeff and I have to go to London, England so we might do an ep from there ;).


P.S. I shot my seg on a web cam, next time we're back to a real cam ;).

DARYL: I think I got that T-shirt (Nintendo's Legend of Zelda) at Target (or maybe Kohl's) when I was in the US last.


While Jeff and Amber are in London, Will and Mikey will play. Sha sha sha.

London? cool!

Give us a shout if you plan on doing a meetup and I'll come into town and buy you both a beer :)

London... it's very similar to Florida ;)

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