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January 25, 2008


Amen Mikey, sustainablity is the key.

It's all about sustainablity.

Amen Mikey.

I'm sure it was just a slip of the tongue.

And I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on both the Pro and Con side of Earth Hour Debate. We might not all agree but the most important fact is we all engaging in intelligent progressive conversation. Which (in my own personal opinion) will do more then Earth Hour will ever achieve.

Mike Laz

blockels is great fun! Earth day is pointless!

Used to like Amber/you on 'Call For Help' TV show in the US - It's a shame that's gone, but nice to see she/you online instead!

Should have mentioned that Mike was entertaining too!) :o)

Wow! Just watched ep. 119 - Mike's exuberance during the opening segment caused our two cats to run out of the den and hide in the closet! Previously, only vacuum cleaners had that effect. Lol!

Great show as usual guys.

Has there been an episode yet with Will, Mike and Amber all on at once?? Do tell.

Please, please, please just bring Mikey back! When I first started watching commandN, it was to find out more about Amber, but I came back time and again to be entertained by Mikey.

For what it's worth, Will is very knowledgeable and is well versed in tech. However, he's about as entertaining as watching someone code for hours.

I never miss an episode; and I'd have to say of the last 20 or so, the two where Mikey has come back have been the best.

Please bring Mikey back! Bring back the charming chemistry.

(Oh, and Amber, keep up the good work... in everything you do!)

Also, Jeff's segments are always solid. They continue to improve weekly. Keep it up, buddy!

Great fun and banter, as always.

I agree with Mike; the Earth Hour idea has good intentions, but wrong application. In the UK, the BBC was organising an Earth Relief (similar concept to Comic Relief event), in which there would be a mass turn-off of electrical products. They eventually cancelled the event: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6979596.stm

Some of the reasons against a mass switch-off, is that it can possibly waste electricity as well: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6981356.stm

A longer and continued change is require to lifestyles, not just one-off exercises. Could the Internet support that?

Hi everyone,

More great comments! I just shot this week's episode on my web cam, but I think Jeff and Will will be on regular cams ;).

As for Mikey, we love to have him on and switching up now and again has been great fun. I think at some point perhaps we'll get everyone together to do a show, Brian too!!!!


Great show! These are very interesting comments on sustainability and the environment.

Also, the bit at the end about delivering content, podcasts, and movies to home set top boxes like the Apple TV, the Xbox 360, etc. is interesting. Lots of people don't want to own a computer, and these devices will make our Podcasts open to more viewers.

Hope to see Mike again soon.He is so funny,what a character .We love him.

Totally agree with Mike on the Earth Hour nonsense. Don't go for flash in the pan gimmicks, take a practical first step in going greener.

Loved the show one of the best in a while. Funny and interesting.

In response to Nogstafari's comment I thought I'd show some Will Pate love, although I agree that Mike Laz is always a welcome guest on commandN in my eyes, I remember when he left commandN way back when and it was only Amber.

Amber's talented, but it's nearly impossible to keep a show like this entertaining with just one host. We need our banter!!

I honestly have no preference over either Mike or Will, I'd love to see them both with Amber for a show.

The show has been solid lately, keep it up!

Sincerely, Glen "Leave Will Alone" Matthews

Random question, I'm trying to back up some of my videos in .FLV format and I was wondering if there is a program (for Mac) that allows you to download videos from sites like YouTube & DailyMotion?

I was using VideoDownloader 2.0 for a while, but it stopped working.

Any suggestions?


Hey Glen,

The latest version of RealPlayer for Mac has the RealPlayer Downloader, which will automatically open and then download (you can control this behavior) web video content like from the sites you mention.

It's a little link (and a BETA download) at the bottom of the RealPlayer page for the Mac download...


I use it for this purpose all the time and it's been good.


Has Xvid been forsaken? My Creative Zen Vision LOVERZ it, and nothing else.

In other news, Adam Schwabe discovered t hat iPhones do in fact have a BSOD. Good times, right Mike!

Mike is right about "feel good" suggestions which accomplish nothing lasting. Here in the states our combined elected Gov't officials have come up with a plan to stimulate the economy by giving everyone (roughly) $1,600 as a one time deal. So if $1,600 will stimulate the economy, why not $16,000 or one million for that matter. Let's face it, if they gave one million, then a MickeyD hamburger would cost $60,000. A one shot deal that "feels good" but in the long run will accomplish nothing.

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