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January 25, 2008


That's why government intervention in many situations is generally a bad idea in my mind. I'd rather let nature take its course than have them waste our money in such crazy, short-sighted ways. :-)



If you're a Mac user, Tooble seems to be the new popular one....

Both Leo and Andy Ihnatko raved about it on MacBreakWeekly.

Jeff or Amber -

Where is Will??? WE love watching Will and Amber... no offense to Mike but Will is way less loud. ;)

Seriously, mean no offense... just like Will and Amber better.


My earlier comment wasn't to bash Mike. Seriously...

You guys have ALWAYS been my favorite podcast...

But I have to say, me and 5 of my friends here in Dallas that watch you religiously LIKE WILL AND AMBER. There's nothing BORING about Will, Nogstafari... sorry, but even though Mikey might be ENERGIZER bunny, that doesn't necessarily make someone else "boring".

Keep the show as is... it's great.

Give Mikey more caffeine! I wonder if he'll BSOD. Keep up the fantastic show. Much love from San Antonio, TX

A great show, enjoyed it as always! You guys are doing a great thing.

Greetings from the bavarian alps, germany, overseas ;-)

The truth is Will and I have very different but equally great ways of presenting information.

I think will is a more serious and informative style while mine is more of Sugar induced, Crazy (but in a good way) and slightly off the wall style.

The mix of both of these styles makes for something you won't see anywhere else.

Mike Laz

Someday when Amber is away in Florida Mikey and I are going to do an episode all by ourselves. We'll see if you can all deal with that! :)


I know this is a bit late, but if you use Firefox, there are a number of extensions that let you download videos from sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Videos etc.

Firefox Extensions @

Some that I use all the time are

Video DownloadHelper @

YouPlayer @

Google Video Downloader @

The other good thing about Firefox is that if one plugin won't download the video, then another one probably will.

The YouPlayer extension is pretty good as it lets you bookmark the video's in a sidebar which you can then go back to and download later.

Hope these help

Wow - another party in the comments threads :-) .

Thanks for all the love, everyone, and we'll have our new episode up this weekend - sorry for the delay.


Thanks everyone for help downloading videos from Youtube! I got 'er going. Thanks!

In regards to a Laz/Pate commandN: INTRIGUING.

Just miss Will :(

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