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January 25, 2008


Well my goodness, Michael Joseph! Check Labrats last 20 episodes for the 'constant-on' devices and ways to stop it. Need to start somewhere, but we're 40 years behind. The original School House Rock skits told us 30 years ago.

LOVED THE ROUNDTABLE session with Jeff! More..More..More!

Has he been hanging around Linhares for a bit, or are the college kids corrupting that brain? Where's my sweet Mikey? And a really decent haircut!

Well I'm burning Sabbath dinner, again. Thanks for the treat!

Love you all! When are the babies due?!

Happy Sabbath!!!

Babies will be coming in the next week or two!

Thanks for the great comments, Jes.


I linked commandN to my Google Reader. Now I get the link right away. This is a good thing.

The volume on Mike's mike, too high. It too could that have been the caffeine blood level?

A quote from Suziki, "Those who scream have nothing to say." His quote about enlightenment and shoe leather is also a good one as well.

Is Mike back or just slumming?

---Today is Robbie Burns Birthday.

mikey laz more leik mikey spaz am i rite folks LOL JK
another great episode and keep up the round table discussion

Mike lay off the caffeine, and don't be so harsh on earth day. While action is important it takes people to notice before anything can be done.

Great show again this week. Nice editing.

Nice episode! Laz' in the house! I just put in my vote for commandN as the Best Podcaster/Vlogger CBA.

Floola is friggin' beautiful! My girlfriend has an 80gig iPod video that she doesn't use nearly at all because she can't get videos on it. Very nice.

Sorry guys, I'm keeping my MySpace, I don't use it at all anymore, but where else can I say I'm friends with Zach Braff?

Keep 'em coming!

Mikey, Mikey, ease up my brutha. Life's too short for all that hostility. :)

Another great show, guys! And Jeff, I've really been enjoying your segment more and more the last few episodes. Keep up the awesome work!

Hey! Really liked Jeff's roundtable, worked out nicely. I love lots of peeps in the show, shows off our geek love ;).
As for Mikey, no more coffee for him!!! WILL - we'll see you soon!

Mike may like Brawndo.

I havent found it in the local stores but you could order it online.

Sure have been enjoying Laz! Another good show...

Please take that big guy off your podcast. He is obnoxious! I can't stand to listen to him very long!


Sorry guys if i went off the deep end in this episode. I am just very frustrated with the idea that some how people need to be aware that climate change is "NEW" problem.

I'm not sure how many people out there DON'T realize that climate change is a serious problem. So Raising Awareness to something that we all know is a problem doesn't achieve much.

I would rather spend time on coming up with ways we can all change our behaviors so that every day and we can make a difference. Rather then focus on just one hour of one day.

Mike Laz

Mike, you definitely had a valid argument there. Sometimes it seems people are approaching the idea of climate change and being carbon neutral etc as if it's just the latest 'fad'. But either way, as Amber said, things like Earth Day generate a lot of press coverage which really can make a difference.

Anyway, my thoughts on this episode...

Mike's rant + Amber's facial expressions during said rant = gold

Hey Amber, when Mikey shouts, you need to shout too. He was throwing the audio balance way off!!!

I vote for seeing Amber's iPhone go for a swim. I've got nothing against iPhones, it just continues the fun gadget-destruction tradition of sites like SmashmyiPod.com and WillitBlend.com.

I also vote for Mikey being put in the credits when he appears ;)

Really liked the roundtable discussion; it was really engaging to watch. Only issue is the camera/audio coverage and editing could have been a bit better; some careful handheld camera work might have achieved some nicer shots and enabled more fluid editing. That's my only criticism though. It was an engaging segment and cheers to Jeff for setting it up :)

Last thing, the Godaddy commercial - wtf?

@Amber, I'm very disappointed with you, I can't believe that after all the time you have spent with Mikey you didn't know that Mikey and Coffee should NEVER be mixed, He's just way to young to be having caffeine. Although floola is a really great little app.

@Mikey, If it wasn't for events like Earth Hour how would anybody know about climate change? Politicians see how much publicists events like this get and then jump on the bandwagon, which does then slowly result in change. It takes time but then we are not going to repair a hundred plus years of climate abuse over night. Plus if it wasn't from public pressure generated by events like Earth Hour would companies like Google and Microsoft spend tens of millions of dollars installing solar roofs and wind turbines to help reduces they energy consumption? or car manufactures spend billions of dollars developing hybrid cars?

A child doesn't learn to run with it's first step.

sidenote, @Amber did you ever get your hybrid car last year? it was one of your new year resolutions for 2007, or so you told Leo on Net@Nite. Not hassling you, just wondering.

@Jeff, that was a great idea for a segment with a really interesting result, thanks for taking the time and effort to put that together, hope you have plenty of segments pre-recorded for when those twins arrive? hope all is going well on that front?

@Will + Beta, Sorry I'm late to the 'Party in the Comments' hope to see you in here and back in a segment soon.

@Brain, so was that GoDaddy promo put in to keep Mikey happy, although Mikey would need loads of caffeine to keep up with Danica Patrick even without her race car.

One other question for you all, how comes commandN isn't in 16:9 format? most laptops, newer TV's, and devices like the iPhone's are in 16:9. Webnation (RIP??), looked a lot better after it made the switch to 16:9. Again just wondering

Talking of switching, don't listen to Mikey and turn your lights off at 8pm, March 29 2008
from EarthHour.Org

This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, at 8pm on the 29 March, 2008 millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tel Aviv and Manila will unite and switch off for Earth Hour.

Good to see Mike back on the podcast. I really thought this episode had "spunk."

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

Mike, I hear where you're coming from - but that doesn't make you any less of a madman ;-) .

Glad to hear that others liking the roundtable. It was a pretty off the cuff thing we did. In terms of editing - yeah, that's the problem with having only one camera. Plus, that 5 minute segment was edited down from almost 20 minutes of conversation. :-)

In terms of widescreen: there's still so much of what we do that's kind of "talking head" stuff, that we haven't really been convinced that there's a lot of value in getting the wider 16:9 shot but ending up bringing the overall visual quality down (given the same filesize) - especially when the native size of all iPods except the Touch, and a lot of still-existing 4:3 monitors and sets, are still out there. I guess we figured that we don't do a lot of panoramic stuff. :-)

All that being said, it's great to hear your opinion and we'd love to know what other people think. And there's our Viewer Survey (accessible below the segment links) that has questions like this on it too, so go fill that out - we do look at the results.

Anyway, that's one of the great things about seeing all the feedback over the past few episodes - knowing what people like, what size/formats they appreciate, and just knowing that people are interested in seeing all sorts of different things.

PS: In terms of the environment, if everyone just did all the little things they could easily do (turning off lights, not idling your car, shutting down your computer overnight instead of sleeping it, etc.) then we wouldn't have to get as tied up in the frustration of how the big things take so long to accomplish.



Mike,Mikey, Mikey, I have a great idea Amber. Put Mike on an exerize bike that is hooked up to a generator to produce electricity (pedal power) and give him Coffee he may power the city on Earth Hour . Mike ( Laz ) you are so funny glad to see your back . We love you. You and Amber make a good team.

call me old fashioned but is mike the spazz on some sort of weird drug?

Mike do you sing as high as you talk? Dude you are the geddy lee of command n!!!! RUSH!!!!!!!

I agree with Mike regarding Earth Hour. It's too easy to feel like you're doing something for the environment if all you're doing is participating in a one hour event. It'll mean more in the long run if people learn how to change their every day habits. It's not easy--I've been recycling paper, cans and bottles, and I took the time out to find out to recycle my outdated electronics. There's a lot more I should be doing, but I know that a lifetime of habit won't change easily, so I try to be patient with myself. Still, the little bit I'm doing is more than a lot of people do. I just think something like Earth Hour is a way to feel like you're contributing to a solution, when you're really not doing anything sustainable (to borrow Mike's appropriate word).

Amber says cellphones emit 'radioactive' waves at the beginning of the show.

Cellphones are NOT radioactive, plutonium is. Cellphones emit electro-magnetic waves, which is not radioactivity.

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