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January 18, 2008


Quite a lot going on in the background...

Oh my goodness!

The first best CN for the year, but I'm biased. Beta baby has made his debut for the year, and dressed!

haha! fans back up to watch the show live, and get in the clip! lucky them.

That was cool to have Sean & Andrew report from CES.

like the PicLens but it's not Safari friendly. Guess I have to go grab Flock or Firefox.

Keep up the great work!


Vote for commandN - DONE
Vote for Criticize This! - DONE

Still waiting for this episode to download so will probable be back to post another comment later.

Oh, one last thing before I go watch this episode, can you spot the deliberate spelling mistake in the shows info above, here's a little clue... it's one of these.

Criticize This!
Canadian Blog Awards
Vote for commadN
Vote for Criticize This!

Sorry, one more last thing from Episode 117, Mikey has agreed to dye his hair if the total number of comments reach 100, he didn't say when by so please pop back to Ep 117, see link at bottom, and leave a comment.

The rule is that you can't just say hi, so suggest what colour you what Mikey to dye it.

I vote for 'Hello Kitty Pink'


Will, Amber, are you okay. Looked like some lively thugs hanging out at the end of the show. You'll have to train Beta to become an attack dog. You could trade in that sweater he's wearing for one of those spiked metal collars.

another great episode y'all
i noticed those people in the background and i am wondering if you have very many people around off camera watching the show get taped

@Will, WOW, Beta is getting really big, he still looks like a teddy bear though.

@Amber, Have you finally run out of alley ways in Toronto to film in? I did like the fan interaction,

@Jeff, Cool T-shirt, whats the logo on it? I like the 500GB 'Time Capsule' but in the UK the extra 500gb off the 1TB model is £130, which is way the expensive when we can get 500GB external USB2 for £75. At least with the externals, you could then move it off site for safety when it gets full, and plug in a new one. Or does 'Time Capsule' have really special hard drives?

@Sean & Andy, great segment, as where the labrats CES.3 and CES.4, couldn't get .1 or .2 to download on iTunes UK, have commandN fans crashed the server.

@Brain, Criticize This! is a great site, really liked the review for the film 'Juno', great film to, or so I have read, we don't get it here, at least not in cinemas until Feb 8th. The only minor problem I have with the Criticize This! is trying to search for a film, typing in 'Juno' in the search box and then being taken to a google search result page that lists every site apart from Criticize This! is a little bit annoying, would it be possible to add an extra search that just searchs for results on the Criticize This! site? or I'm I just clicking the wrong buttons? I do seem quiet good at doing that.

Don't get me wrong Brain, I go to Criticize This! all the time to see if a film is worth watching or not, its just that as you get more and more great reviews on there it takes longer to go though the archives to find the one I'm looking for.

Hope that is a useful suggestion and sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, but I know you read these.

@All, keep up the good work, the new random segment format seems to be working great, wonder what it will be next week?


The PicLens plugin is Safari friendly by the looks of things...just that the site is a bit confusing. You may have ended up in the CoolIris section (I did).

Safari download is here...
...working great on Safari 3 and Leopard :-)

Whoops...should have tested some more. On Amber's Flikr page I just get the spinning icon, so there are still issues....



Thanks for the comment on the Criticize This! search. I fixed it so it only searches the site now. Much easier to find things.

I also fixed the spelling mistake above.


@Jeff, I have to somewhat disagree with the Macbook Air. The lack of firewire (and target disk mode!?!?!) is insane. And the weight is nice, but it could be lighter. But that doesn't bother me... it still shares the same footprint as a macbook. I want to see Apple compete in the Eee PC realm. I want that size, but more refined. That is a true "appliance" at a starting price of $300.

Time Capsule I think is great for the non-tech person. Get your stuff backed up! However, I believe the airport extreme is about $50 more than it should be... but this is a great start to get the average mac joe to actually backup. I will wait for a cheaper drobo... or resort to FreeNAS.

Amber, the hair looks good. Keep it that way.

Will, I gotta hit the camera as well, ha.

Hey y'all! Thx for commenting. Yes, we had a few observers (probably thinking we're crazy for shooting outside in the January cold).

-A ;)

@Brian, Thanks, it's so much easier now to find things on Criticize This!, now I just have to wait for someone to review the film 'Eight Below', and YES that was a hint, but no rush, just wondering what you thought of it?

@Amber, I was glad to see that you had done your coat up for this episode, you did look frozen last week.

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Check out "CalCast" for how God is using media, arts and technology to reach the unreached peoples around the world! If you would like to see their podcast it is at:



Heh yeah - Beta is getting big. He's 9 pounds of energy followed by naps. I don't think he's cut out for being a guard dog, he's more of a diplomat with his ability to disarm people.

@Will, bet beta disarms people because everyone that sees him just wants to give him a great big cuddle, much like you do when you see a big cute teddy bear.

It must work the same way as Nightclubs that have short, cute female bouncers on the doors, guys are you busy trying to cuddle them to worry about fighting each other. I think that also works when Amber's around too.

Bet he's a really pain to wash with that fur though?

@Amber and all bloggers, Congrats on winning the Canadian 'Test The Nation'

Fun show with good content guys. Main issue I had was the repeat location... I know you're limited with time etc but couldn't you at least face the other direction?

Yay for the Andy/Sean appearance. Pity Andy wasn't in the same room (or country) as Amber; I'm still waiting for the sequel to that Jell-o food demo :p

One thing Jeff failed to mention: Macbook air = ugly!

Oh, and thanks for brushing away the fringe Amber. I liked the hair this week :)

@Philip Thanks a billion! That's what I get for not wearing my glasses. Now to delete the browsers. I'm loaded.

Off to Amb's site & Net @ Nite links.

STEVE: I think my T-shirt was the Apple Dashboard one. Time Capsule has a "server grade" hard drive - I guess that means very good and dependable :-) .

LINH: I agree with you about the footprint and I would hope there is a 12" version of this released in the next iteration (I mean, the 12" PowerBook was great for size). The firewire would for sure be a peace-of-mind addition - it'd be kind of scary if this thing froze up without it :-) . In terms of $300 notebook-like appliance, I think the iPod Touch/iPhone is the only thing close to that that Apple will ever build (that Eee PC is cool, though).

LIAM: Can't say I agree that the Macbook Air is ugly, though, but different strokes for different folks :-) .

Thanks for the comments everyone! New ep will be up very soon.


I'll start by stating I've never read the comments section before, so I don't know what the "community" here is vocal about, but Beta is back by popular demand? Really?

I'm a 20-something male that watches the show because 1) Amber is hot 2) great content. Maybe I'm not part of your main demographic, but cute dogs are not what I tune in for.

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