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December 06, 2007


Great episode guys. I really liked Jeff's segment on hot stuff this week. Everyone of those items made my wish list. And also seeing you guys freezing is embarrassingly enjoyable... How about for next week after each headline Will and Amber remove a layer of protection until by the last story they're just in t-shirt and shorts and that really cute shade of blue that people get right before hypothermia. Last one to pass out gets two web picks in the final segment.

Just an idea... you know for sweeps.

This episode is not showing up in the RSS feed. :-(

i love the look on will pate's face when amber mac calls "guitar hero" guitar vision. LOL!

The RSS feeds should be updated now.

I also wanted to let all the commandN fans know we have a great contest going on Criticize This! (a review site I recently launched). We're giving away a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on HD-DVD! Head on over to criticizethis.net to enter (direct link is below).



Don't know if you've seen this already... he's been doing it for a couple of years now. It keeps growing until all the lists are out.

Compilation of Year End lists from fimoculous.com


GARY: Thanks for the link! Cool to see all this stuff in one place.

MEL: Good to hear you liked the gift list! Not sure we'll be able to pull off the strip webPICKS though :-) .

Thanks for watching!


just googled "guitar vision" for fun and the first result is exactly that, and what's more, it's available for both Mac and Windows and apparently teaches you how to play the real thing (unlike "guitar hero")

Just a warning there is some crazy stuff on LiveLeak e.g.

True, hence the warning. There is also cool stuff like this time lapse of them building the crystal building at the ROM.


Just wondering if any Command-N viewers can recommend an inbound SMS gateway that can be used to hit a URL when an SMS is received.

No problems finding one here in Australia, and there's plenty of 2 way services in the US but I really only need an inbound one.


Maybe in the next episode Amber could say what she would like for Christmas? Then maybe us guys with geeky girlfriends could get some tips? Or is perfume/jewelry every year cool enough?? :-)

Thanks for the Planet Earth tip!
I purchase 2 sets, one BlueRay, and one regular, 'cause none of my peps have HD ;-)

Planet Earth is great - have fun!


I agree, planet earth is great

great stuff

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