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November 30, 2007


@Jeff, great segment about email, just one thing thought, I use POP accounts which download to my computer but I have it set to still leave the emails on the server, this is a great way to have access to your emails when not online yet still have a backup of them on the server, and with Yahoo being unlimited storage and Gmail currently at 5.3GB, storage shouldn't be a major problem for most people.

This works with both Gmail, and my old Yahoo accounts. With Gmail, you can even choose, via the Gmail account settings, to leave the downloaded Gmails in the inbox or move them to the archive to make it easier to find unread Gmails when you access your account online.

@Jeff, Amber, Will, Brain, or who ever gets the most messages via Facebook out of the commandN team.
Does Facebook have a limit on the amount of messages that it will keep, or does it start deleting them once it hits a limit, either by the number of messages stores or by the amount of storage used?
If Facebook doesn't delete any messages, how is it able to store them all? OK, I know technically that was two questions, but at least there where both about Facebook Meesages.

@Brain, have you changed the compression setting for the H.264 version? Ep 109 was 86.2m for 11min 57sec, but recent eps have been a lot smaller, 113 is only 55mb for 11min 49sec. Yet it's still a really good quality image. Just wondering, oh great job with Amber's hair by the way.

@SteveintheUK - since upgrading to Leopard QT seems to export H264 a lot smaller and faster.


EVERYONE/ANYONE: Since Demonoid is dead forever to Canadians, does anyone out there have any invites to any good invitation-only t0rrent sites? I miss my surround sound upmixes, reliability, and all the other good stuff that member-based sites have to offer :-( . Send me an email if you have any advice.

STEVE: D'oh! I had that tip about "leave mail on server" in my notes and I forgot to mention it! I do this for most of my email so that I can easily swap between my laptop and desktop without leaving messages online. Thanks for bringing this up!

BRIAN: Everything is better in Leopard :-) . Actually, I loving it for real.


Your boyfriend Andy Samberg?
You just broke 10 million hearts. LOL
Congrats on being the hottest in tech:)

All of your comment are belong to us.

When Amber has children, they will have been "made on a mac".

I think CommandN has a lot more going for it than "camera, girl, news"! Has Natali Del Conti ever actually watched an episode?

...does, or rather did, TeXtra ever have a 'Party in the Comments' ;)

PS. What happened to Webnation?

OK... alright.. I just read the Webnation site :)
Good News I trust?

For some reason, the part I remember most vividly about this podcast is the Chavez ringtone haha.

speaking of ringtones, check out my ordeal with t-mobile and nokia over who is to blame for not allowing mp3s to be used as ringtones on their customer's phones and why http://majortk.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/cell-phone-companies-are-evil/

At the end of the episode Amber suggested that if you have a cool site link, you could leave it in the comments here.


It's a site like digg.com, except that it shares the ad revenue made off a submission with the user who submitted it.

Hi HI Jeff MacArthur I have noticed that this anti-social website has become very popular. It is rather amusing and makes a mockery of Myspace, but particularly Facebook. It's from Germany.


Check it out :)

Hey Amber and Will,

Great show. Amber, have to say, you looked Saa-Moking in this episode. Don't you want us paying attention to what you guys are saying?

Hi All,

Why doesn't Ep113 appear in the iTunes store? I just received ep114 thru my podcast subscription and realised I missed Ep113.

Definr for Firefox

Hey, Will! Soldier Boy was actually a dancer who would make up songs to go with his dances. So Crank Dat was moreso a dance before it was a song (not a ringtone). Glad you brought it up because it's a pretty big meme. (search youtube and you'll see thousands of people who taped themselves "doing the soldier boy."He got big over myspace and youtube, and then got picked up by a major label. You can also check out the official music video that chronicles his "rise."

Hey Amber, just finished watching this episode for the 15th time; just for your smile. You look amazing

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