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November 22, 2007


Any plains to go HD? Vimeo.com lets you upload HD now.

Thanks for the linkage, there, folks.

So weird = Swedish now? :)

your right Amber an will,people at digg leave mean messages posted on digg.
i left digg because when id leave a comment on something, no matter what it was id get flamed .
they have a small core click on digg if you arnt in it you get put down.
sad when free speech is limited on digg to what that group says.

Hey, great show this week. I got a mention (kinda) when it came to the miss heard word last week. I didn't think you would be one to swear on camera, Amber.

Great that was all cleared up.

I really wouldn't mind if you did happen to sneak one in.

Anyway, Thanks for the great show. Keep it up

Good show as always -- I really like the Amber/Will/Jeff team. Only a little query, that video on laughingsquid is "no longer available," it seems. Or is that "it"?

Keep up the good work,


(Melbourne, Australia)

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Excellent episode this week. Thank you.

Thanks for the comments everyone!


Hey y'all!

OK, the Nokia vid was offline when Bri was editing, but Peter just sent a new link.

Here you go:

See you soon ;).

Playback controls are easier to use, I like the full screen toggle.

Hi HI Amber Thjanks for that link (Nokia). Bizzare vid,

Great segment Jeff, Im looking forward to Beo Wulf too,

I see a new player on this page, does that mean you guys are going to put this pod up in 16:9 I hope so :) can you make it at least 720p too ? I would like to see you get that down to under 100 mb *grins*

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