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November 07, 2007


Hey y'all!

I'm in Florida all week, got up at sunrise to shoot this ep. Next week I'll be back in T.dot with Will and Bri.

Enjoy the show ;).

Ooh Ooh... I have a complaint. I know I know I'm always writing to tell you how good you are... well, I have a complaint now.

You need another regular segment. The show needs another part.

Not like "the show was so good I wish it were longer" but more like "OMG that wasn't worth the time I took to download it." but with a smile.

Right now you have a show that feels like a daily but comes out weekly. And now that there is more to compare it to like Mahalo Daily or Webb Alert for daily vidcasts. Or a Tekzilla and Diggnation on the weekly side. I'm feeling you need one more segment.

Not that I would stop viewing because at this point unless you pulled a Dog the Bounty Hunter like faux pas, I'm your fan for life... I'm just saying one more segment. One more regular segment would make it feel less like a daily and more like weekly.


Love your work.


Ok do more shows with this kind of background.

Thanks for getting up at sunrise to film this, but who did you have to bully to get up that early to hold the camera? They did a great job of keeping it steady for some one that was probably still half asleep, so Thanks camera person.

If we Britain's send 1 Billion text messages a week, I wonder how many emails and IM's we send?

Nearly all contract phone's in the UK come with between 200 and 2,000+ free texts per month. Even with my Pay-as-you-go phone I get 300 free texts for £10 a month, so just use that £10 to pay for the calls at 15 pence per minute. Or pay for all day unlimited data at £1 per day.

The contracted iPhone in the UK will come with between 200 and 1,200 texts per month.

Although with that in mind, 1 billion text per week is not really that many, if all 62 million people in the UK, from birth to death, sent texts it only works out at just over 16 per week, or about 70 per month. I wonder how many free texts go unused each month? and what would happen to the networks if they did all get used?

Great beach by the way. Your making me very jealous.

@Jeff, Great iPod case's, I hate those iPod case's that make you take the whole case off just to be able to get to the dock to charge it up.


THX for the feedback ;). It was a short show, but next week we'll be back with two hosts and our regular time.

I wish we could do cN from the beach all the time!!!

Miss you too Amber, bring the beach back with you!

Hello Amber,

Just want to share something I did recently that may interest people with hearing disabilities or just people who's main language isn't English...it's about accessibility and it is now available on the iPhone in the form of closed captions. I am not hearing impaired but their communities may express how accessibility in mobile devices may (positively?) affect them.

The videos...
• I posted a very section in YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtoR7BPq1TA
• I also created a tutorial on "How to Closed Caption" for the iPhone, iPod Touch, QuickTime and iTunes that can be download from the feed at http://tecnocato.podbean.com/feed

Wishing you a lot of success and I hope that you find this useful,


correction (sorry)... meant "very short section"


Hey Israel -

Fantastic links! Thank you for all your hard work.


Where's the outtake where Amber gets pushed into the water? ;)

Have always loved the show. One comment on the Facebook Song. The singing group was from Miami University, which is no where near Miami Florida but in Oxford Ohio. We get mixed up with the newer but warmer University of Miami all the time though. Just want to give my alma mater their props.


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Working even on vacation, huh? I enjoyed the change from urban street scene scenery and the webpick clip from of all places my alma mater -- Miami University, Oxford OH. (Cincinnati area)
BTW ... you would like it there ... lots of Macintosh computers and a great long running Helpdesk radio/podcast program; you should be a guest? (FYI -- I'll bet you'd get a traffic boost?)
Enjoy your time with family and mention to your mom and dad that I had an error using the contact form on bestofpei.com.

I think this would be a good article for you or your brother to review. skatter-tech demonstrates how to turn the webcamera in your laptop into a security camera. it is very easy to do and setup. by brother is pretty bad at computers and even he was able to get it up and running. anywasy check it out. here's the link:

@Rich - I would love to be a guest, maybe we could get the commandN team on the interview!

@Hillary, great idea!

Thanks for the idea, Hillary, and thanks for the great comments everyone!


Possible Web Pick, GrubHub. http://www.grubhub.com/ Only San Francisco and Chicago so far, but looks useful.

LOVE the show! Caught your comment on how much time you spend on email etc. on Webnation... this guy


says he has the answer. His book is always on the WSJ top business books for the week. Hopefully Amber and Will can get something out of this. I'd love to see an interview with Ferriss, by the way.

Great Job, Will and Amber!

Interesting link, Gary - some crazy stats there!


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