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July 25, 2007


Just to clarify, the computers that were involved in the Nigerian incident were not OLPC units.

Please have a look at this parody on a Steve Jobs product presentation that is a good candidate for your commandN web pick. Enjoy.


Great! Thx for the tips!


Great show!


Great! I'd be happy to see this on some TV show. It's very good! thank you.

WRT the BBC iPlayer, they've already announced that a Mac version is in the works and will be released in October IIRC (don't you love argot).

Also worth noting that it's not Vista ready just yet either.

One thing I've noticed on a few shows is that Will's mic level seems to be much lower than Amber's. It doesn't make it impossible to hear Will, but the mismatch has been noticeable in several episodes.

In regards to the video pack, I'd recommend always having a UV filter on the lens. Although you can have UV problems out there, it is mainly for protection. They are a pretty cheap form of insurance against damage. I'd also disagree with Amber on using a Neutral Density filter, very few videos suffer from too much light but many suffer from too little. An UV filter is a much better way to protect the camera without impacting the lighting.

In regards to the tripod. I think that is a great suggestion, I see a lot of shaky video that can be very distracting. I would also suggest, as a compromise, a Monopod if you don't want to carry around a tripod. It is much easier to carry around and goes a long way towards providing some great stability.

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