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June 12, 2007


Sorry this episode is so late everyone.

Due to my wife giving birth last week I was unable to edit on time.

Should be back to our normal routine next week.


Brian - congrats! I think you do have the best excuse ever!


Another production you should be very proud of! Yes, lame I know...but congrats!!!!

Love the show, and love that you can go to the show notes to get all the links.
But sometimes it would be good to be able to have the individual parts of the episode. So that I can send for example,just the product review to my colleague that doesn't have that much time on his hands.
I guess it would involve quite a bit of work though.
10 minutes is a good length for the show:-)

A note about Apple TV and youtube... supposedly youtube will be switching to h264 encoding, which explains the whole Apple deal a little better, and why the iPhone may not need flash to have youtube (but still a mistake IMO)

Jeff - If the Drobo you had was a demo could you please lose it in my direction, Thanks, I'll pay the postage.

I have been wanting to get one since Amber posted about it on Jaiku. Only problem I have is that it only thats 4 drives, do you think they will be bringing out a 8, 12 or even 20 drive version? or can they be linked together to work as one? I now have 7 external drives plus a dozen internals that I have to keep swapping over so one large networked Drobo would be perfect. Great review

Amber - Why would you need a AppleTV when you rarely watch TV and are never far from your laptop? Plus you soon have a iPhone to pay for or are Jeff/Will /Mikey and Leo going to club together to buy you one for your birthday? I would include Brian but I think he may be short of money at the moment.

Will - You really need to practice your graffiti, try


Great show though, guess it was short due to all those parties you had to get to

Brain - Hope all is going well with the new baby

All the best

Congrats Brian, thats awesome news, really happy for you. Fun CommandN today, Amber I really liked your intro shot in front of the escalators, very neat. Not sure if I was hypnotized by seeing the stairs going up on one side and down on the other or by your sweet smile, I'm thinking it was the smile. :-)

Steve - Yeah Drobo totally rocks!

There's only four drives (only? :-) ) but it can go up to pretty much any capacity, so it will grow easily as hard drive sizes grow.

I don't think they can be linked together, but I can't see why you couldn't just have multiple Drobos working as separate drives. Seeing as how all four drives function together as one drive, I think it would be more useful to have two Drobos with four drives each than it would be to have one Drobo with eight drives, for example.

Check out the Drobo Community site if you have more specific questions, which is just off their main site Drobo.com. After talking with these guys, I'm sure they'd be happy to answer your or anyone else's questions.


G'day guys...

Love your work, I was just wondering if you could provide a RSS feed for the MP3 files? I prefer to listen to CommandN while I'm doing the dishes or enjoying a Subway in town. I filled out your survey BTW.

Anyhoo, cheers guys! And congrats on the new bub Brian!

Big Dan

Drobo < hah! can it transform?

Drobo DID have a part in the new Transformers movies, but it says its part was left on the cutting room floor ;-) .

BTW - Hipcast is down and that's why there are no flash versions of the show on the site at the moment. We're working to fix this ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

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