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May 23, 2007


Nice jacket and 'do!

Great post, thank Jeff for the anti-spam techniques. I'll refer this episode to my friends with those problems.

Whose song was playing at the end of the 90th episode? Great song.

I'm so happy since the Time Warner guy was here Friday my connection has improved. Thats awesome because I do everything online, from getting news to entertainment. I've never sat here and figured out how much of my time is spent online exactly but it's a lot for sure. Oh btw Amber you look great in white, wow wow wow. Great show guys. :-)

That was Will's friends song...it rocks!!!

That's my good friend' Rob Gillan's song "Stinger", it's linked in the show notes but in case you don't want to scroll up here it is:


Great show as always Amber and Will.
I would sure like to see you guys on

I know some guy by the name of... hmmm>> Leo has an account there.
But I think it would be great to view your (live taping) of a show.

A dumpster of toilets....classy ;-)

Great epsiode.

Sassy jacket.

Amber's Music Video: looks like Will got bit by the envy bug

I am envious...hoping someone will do a hiphop version for me.

heck i'll do it and even hack madonna's website to propose to you

but i don't swing that way - sorry

I think there's something wrong with the feeds. I usually get the podcast directly through PenguinTV in Linux and I was surprised that there wasn't an episode this week. I had to go to the site.


Great show and great jacket, white really shows off what is left of your Florida tan Amber.

Like Roark's comment above, I think some of your feeds may not be working, commandN 90 has still not shown up on iTunes in the UK, I even double checked the feed link but it only goes to 89.

I liked the Pickupedia link, So Amber, what's the nerdiest pick up line was that someone had used on you?. You must have heard thousands by now

Great anti-spam tips Jeff,

and Will, I'm sure someone will write a song about you soon

All the best


FYI- The iPod version for episode 90 is still not available from i-Tunes.

Feeds are updating now. Had some issues this week but all should be sorted out now.

The WMV files for ep. 89 and 90 should be up by Sunday as well.


OK, I want a song now. And there better be one for Brian too or he'll get jealous :-) .

Nice job with the Gene Simmons segment on Webnation, Amb! I think someone could do a wicked mashup of Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" but focused on Gene Simmons instead of her - lots of slo-mo KISS shots, for sure. ;-)


The problem with theme songs for you guys is that Will wants hiphop....and that breaks internet convention that says the song must be as cheesy as humanly possible!

Would you suffice with us also commenting on the colours you wear and how that shows of your features?? Ha! ;-)

Good point about the cheese factor - maybe we can get a Vanilla Ice tune for Will to make up for it :-) .


Hey Will,
Quick update for you - Radio 3 just launched the artist stats today, so Rob and all the other musicians can see how many times their tracks have been played. Thanks again for the mention!

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