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May 15, 2007


Hi Guys n Amber

Great show, but now you have told me about Joox I am going to have to find even more time to search though all the video sites that seem to be appearing online. Where have they all come from?

Thanks Jeff for the advice on wireless networks, I will finally be able to stick my file server in the cupboard out of the way

Nice alley by the way


Fantastic show guys. My new Time Warner connection has been acting nutty but it behaved enough for me to get caught up with the CommmandN episodes I missed between my move from Georgia to Texas. Oh btw Amber you're dreamy. :-)

A 100th episode event sounds cool. I suggest for episode 101 (and since this is the third time I've suggested it I'm going to stop in case I get labelled "nagging")...behind the scenes.

Great episode to all involved. Congrats!

PS....Will, Jeff, Brian....I'm sure someone out there finds you guys dreamy too..just in case you're feeling left out..ha! ;-)

Thanks Phillip *sniff*

The only gripe I have about youtube.. quality sucks.

Great episode. Thanks for the Apple Air Port Express review. I've been trying to decide on the right device to stream my music to my stereo. Think I found my choice :)

Thanks for the reassurance, Phillip - I know Brian and Will and I all appreciate the vote of confidence in our "dreaminess" :-) .

Andrew: I think the AirPort Express is a pretty good solution for your needs and, really, quite inexpensive for everything it does.

Thanks for watching,


Great episode!

Is Mikey going to make a return for the centurial episode?

Any chance of an mp3 rss feed?

@ US DoD: "...No more using the military's computer system to socialize and trade videos on MySpace, YouTube and nine other Web sites..."

its back to bar as it used to be.

Just wanted to say thank you for "fixing" the XVID format over the last couple of episodes. I use an Archos AV420 and for awhile I had to convert the XVID so I could watch the show. The change is greatly appreciated!

The link for the top how to videos points to last week's g2p.org link.

Thx for the feedback/updates everyone! A new commandN will be posted today!


I was wondering when CommandN(or any other "tech-geeks" would mention the blocking of social sites, etc. to the military).

When I was in Iraq, I started blogging and I created a site for my fellow Marines to post pics, etc. for family. As soon as certain individuals in my command found out it was made "very clear" to me that it would not be allowed "as per Marine Corps Order". Personally, I have mixed feeling about this since some people don't know when enough is enough. There's a saying in the military, "Loose lips, sink ships", which is true, but blocking these sites completely..? This is the lifeline for some of those who are deployed(i.e., my Brother/US Army).

Amber, you mentioned a question about why certain sites are picked over others. I'll tell you why... the individuals who decide on what's blocked and what's not are typically 1) old and non-tech savvy or 2) just plain clueless. The real military tech-geeks know exactly what sites are blocked and not blocked and keep their mouths shut... LIKE ME! :)

This happens for military deployed and also here in the US, but I'll stop here before someone scouring the internet finds this post and I get a "nastygram" again.

CommandN Rocks!

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