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May 07, 2007


Great show once again...
I don't want to start anything bad, but what are the odds of you guys giving out Joost invites?

Great show, even with Amber's double chin filling the screen... I really hope she doesn't read this.

Good to hear Little Geek get a shout out, hope Andy can find them a new home soon. Someone in the commandN family must know of somewhere in Toronto with 3,000 sq/ft and a loading dock. Let Andy Walker know via Amber if you do.

Just playing in traffic with a 3D truck, very odd.

Anyone who still needs a Joost invite, let me know via my blog or on here and if Amber, Will, Jeff or Brain doesn't get time to send you one, Amber really doesn't read this does she, then I will send one to you. Just have to wait for Joost to get back up and running, it died last night, Amber talks about a Web2.0 service and the next day it dies, what a surprise.

Don't forget to leave your email address for the Joost invite, just sign up somewhere for a new account first if you are worried about giving your main email details out.

Thanks for another get show, now need a new HD to put all those free MP3s on.

Sorry for the long post, feel free to detail it


Wow Amber, you've got a nice, and BIG, wardrobe ;)

As much as the technological news are really interesting, I'd probably not watch this show if your smile wasn't on it, even though I doubt you smile THAT much in real life ;)

Sooooaaa... When are you coming to Sweden? haha

Coool episode guys,
i can have some cool games on my mac now, thanks jeff for the info. It would be nice to have a joost account , Tv on tv is kinda bring now anyways lol. I'm glad jeffs cam guy is using different angles, thats great. peace.

Thx for the feedback! Andy - I'd love to get to Sweden one day soon!!!

Yeah guys, whats the chance of getting a joost invite? I have been trying (though admittably not that hard) for a while now...

Emmanuel + Rick Beley

For a Joost invite, if you still need one, see my early comment, second one down, I have sent out about half a dozen already but have plenty left, This is NOT a scam to get your email address, no spam will be sent

Same applies to any one else who would like a Joost invite.

Steve in the UK

You're more than welcome, Amber :)

Cool, I just read Joost was partly "invented" by the Swedish guy who made Kazaa and Skype. How can so many things come from this small country? Too bad it's so bloody cold in the winter, though ;)

Hey to the commandN Team,

I am fairly new to the commandN.tv website and video podcast. Found you guys over at the Stage6 site and have been downloading many of your episodes since.

Anyway, was wondering if I could get a invite to Joost. I enjoy working with different technologies and what you can and can't do with them.

Hey Andy, "Time" magazine just had an article on Joost and its connections to the inventors of Skype and Kazaa. Can't remember which issue it was though, since I know they have several issues a month.

Anyway, keep up with the cast....

You got it wrong about Apple. They're not "deciding to go greener", they are just realising they need to communicate to the public what they are *already* doing.

Check the facts guys. You don't want to turn into mainstream media!

Allister, while Steve Jobs' article did cover what Apple is doing already, he did speak to what they plan to do in the future

"By 2010, Apple may be recycling significantly more than either Dell or HP as a percentage of past sales weight."

Thanks for keeping us accountable though, your point is well taken.

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