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April 30, 2007


Thanks for the WhyYouShould mention! I'm psyched to be your webPICK of the week!

P.S. It's WhyYouShould.org not dot com ;) A damn squatter got to that before me :)

Hate the squatters! :-)


social networking IS the new porn

Something's very wrong with the sound, especially with Amber's mike... And someone lend Brian a tripod. Or a steadycam ;-)

Keep up the good work,

Hey Amber. have you ever heard about www.blogtv.ca? Its a site where you can broadcast yourself live on the internet.

Ricardo -


We shot an episode of commandN at the BlogTV launch party.

It is an interesting concept but needs work.


I tried ustream.tv on the w/end during net@nite - really liked it!

Show was great this week guys. Welcome back Will. Always love bloops at the end too! Amber's a cutie when she gets tongue tied ;)

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