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March 27, 2007


How come it takes 5 days for the new episodes to update in itunes?

Nice Episode, but how can you mention Net Neutrality and endorse GoDaddy in one segment?

Never read http://www.nodaddy.com ?

Jeff, I'm excited to see more on the AppleTV. In particular, as an Anime fan, I watch a lot of content that comes in AVI, MKV, and (infrequently) OGM. I have seen a couple of complicated tutorials for dismantling the ATV and putting the hard drive in a new enclosure and all sorts of stuff, which seems like a real pain. Can you do a run down on how folks would watch downloaded videos (especially AVI and MKV with soft-subs) without opening the case?

Best wishes to all.

Great show guys. I'm waiting for AmberMacTV, until that happens I have CommandN, City News International, Inside Popnology, it's all good. :-)

I'll be doing some "getting content onto your AppleTV" segments in the near future, Bob.

Lots of great hacks coming out for AppleTV already, but there are some great options for the less adventurous as well.

Thanks for watching,


THX for all the feedback! We will check out nodaddy.com now ;).


Thanks for the credit :)

I wasn't asking for one honest ;)

For the record, I got the justin.tv link from the excellent 'Buzz Out Loud' podcast from CNET.

I am unable to post comments here or on Amber's site from my ISP at home :(
You can unblock me now ;)

Nice Nate :)

foundphotos are awesome!

Nate - we would never block you! :)


Hurray it's working again!

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