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March 05, 2007


hey amber, i'm download the episode right now, but i just wanna ask you do you have virb?

Hello: I was wondering how I would play the xbox 360 version on my xbox 360? Thanks.

The easiest way to play the 360 file is download it and put it on a USB memory stick. Plug the memory stick into the 360, go to the VIDEO menu and it will be listed as an option.

The 360 version for episode 81 should be up tonight.


yo yo. english is a second language to me, and frankly I actually thought that definitely was spelled "definately" for many years, cause so many people misspell it.

Great show, really fun. You look fantastic in black Amber. :-)

Word Up! to Will Pate

Word up backatcha!

Thx for the comments!!! We had a great time shooting...and I just found out that Jeff is coming to town in the next couple of weeks, so we'll have the whole team together :)!




Somewhere I heard "restaurant" was in the top misspelled too, don't remember where though...

good show!

Welcome will! I'm sure that now there are some hilarious bloopers, so come on brian, show us some funny CommandN moments

BTW it's peterkburian.com not peterburian.com as shown in the video.

Why was Jeff in his PJs?


I would like to request an RSS feed for the XBOX 360 WMV format.


XBOX 360 (WMV) feed is:



Ah finally I could get my Command N fix, the waiting on this one drove me nuts..haha! I know you needed a break though Amber ;) I like the show with Will, you guys seem to work well together. Oh and I have to agree with Rebecca I'm sure there have to be some bloops now that it's a team show again. So give'em up Brian. Take Care all

>XBOX 360 (WMV) feed is:

That's awesome! Thanks so much.

As always great episode. Love the tips this time. i wasn't too wild last weeks but this weeks was amazing.

Also glad to see we have a full time co-host now too :D

Great job guys keep it up.

Also the story about the background, wow. I mean wow. I used to live in milton i cant believe it was so close to me.

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