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February 22, 2007


Congrats Will!

So we have had CommandN 2.0 Beta

Will #81 be the start of CommandN 2.0 for real? ;)

Good Luck Guys :)

Congrats Will

I prefer commandN 3.0 Alpha :)

Will - does this mean I have to lend you Crackdown now for real?!


Good stuff - I like Will, seems like he'll have interesting things to say. I'm looking forward to the changes. Thanks for Command-N, it's always one of the highlights of my week!

As long as it doesn't ever become Alt-N I'm happy! Great news all round. Hope you all enjoy a well deserved break!

"We'll be playing around with the show's format"....hmmm, those 8-track rumours might be true?!

To the commandNation, I high five you. I hope I can make the show even more fun and informative. I was a fan myself before I got invited on to the show, and I’m very accessible. Please send me your ideas, feedback, links, and confirmed locations of great sushi and fine chocolates.

I posted more on my blog.

Will's a great addition. I said it before, any show like this would be boring without two hosts bantering and exchanging thoughts. Good to hear.

Sounds great, thanks for the update, can't to see the show again.

Perhaps next time I don't have to wait two weeks for the WMV format to be released. Eh?

march 5? hot stuff??!

Hoser - the WMV feed was updated this weekend. I did forget to add the link on the site (it's up now).


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