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February 18, 2007


The two eps with will have been a lot better than most of the recent episodes with amber alone. Wills a good co-host, and it's a lot more fun to see a conversation going on than just one person speaking.

Another great episode...well done all :-)

About 90 seconds in Will says something really fast along the lines of "I'm using ???? in Gmail"...can't catch what he says and am curious for some Gmail tips.

Great show guys.

Phil, I think Will was talking about GTDGmail (http://www.gtdgmail.com/). I have been using this for the last year or so and it rocks.

Miss ya
Mike Laz

Thanks Mike! And I hope we see you on the show (and not just in cameo) again soon.

Great to see we still have you lending a hand, Mike! :-)

Thanks dude, we miss you too.


Thx Will - and thx Mike (AKA Hot Stuff) for checking out the comments ;)!


Hey Amber & Crew, long time no post from me. Sorry about that, but don't worry, I've been watching :). Anyways, really good episode. Will seems to be just right as co-host, as long as his schedule can commit to it. My only problem is that he'll need to grow a little more personality. Right now he just seems like the average geek, while Mikey was...well whatever Mikey was. I know it's only like the second time hosting, but I think the co-host opposite of Amber needs to be really fun. Will sticking his tounge out at the end of the episode proved he can be a silly guy, and I hope there is more of it.

Hi Amber,
I like those tips about lighting and you don't have any bags under you eyes. Your eyes are brilliant, so is your smile. I'd like to know more about Gmail tips too, that would be neat. Now I'm off to check Check out World Wide Web, a daily fav. Looking foreword to the next CommandN.

Great show! Thanks for the mention of my article on somewhatfrank.com about on AOL and OpenID.

Since AOL's services are now FREE for everyone to use, expect to see a number of updates to its product line for the mainstream user - bringing sexy back. ;)

Thanks Amber for hanving me on the show again, and thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Truth is it's really fun to do, so I hope that makes it fun to watch.

Mike's right, I was talking about using GTD in Gmail, but not the Firefox extension. Rather, I use my own simplified setup. Here's what it looks like

starred - reply asap, does not require an action that will take over two minutes


@action - reply, requires an action that will take over two minutes

@wait - awaiting reply

ideas - blog posts, thoughts, quotables

Then add one label per project.

life - in no way related to work

I then use a series of filters to handle stuff like:

- applying labels of projects based on the email addresses they are addressed to (i forward all my other email addresses to gmail)
- automatically archive some while leaving them unread (which takes them out of the main window but increases the unread count on that label)
- setting some to starred right away (some folks almost always need to be replied to asap), etc.

I've been checking out Getting Things Done (GTD) too - haven't implemented it yet, but it seems to be pretty sensible :-) . Macworld article this month has some good organizational info as well.

Thanks for being on the show, Will!


Woo Hoo! It's great to see Will on again. He's so cute, cool and composed!

-jazzy J

Is there any way we can get an audio version of commandN?

That would be great!

Hi Charles,

We've had that question several times now and we'll take it into consideration. Our issue is that some of what we do is very visually based and we don't want to have content out there that is hard to understand b/c it lacks this visual aspect.

That said, it's not out of the question.

Anyone else who is interested in this option (an AUDIO version of commandN) please leave a comment and we'll see what kind of response we get.



YES! New episode. Can't wait until I get home from work.

can i get your show on talk-radio? preferably on the AM band?

can i get your show on talk-radio? preferably on the AM band?

:-) Sure, old timer. We're also selling 8-tracks and LPs if anyone's interested ;-) .


Jeff - Thanks for the blogging tips and the Creative Commons information from last week. It was very useful information...
I'll take a copy on 8-track please. I hope that the techTIPS segment isn't split between two tracks though.

Hey guys, great episode. Seems like things are picking up.

Just thought I'd like to pass along a little bit of Canadian news: Halifax filmmaker Jason Eisener has just released his submission for Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse trailer contest. His entry is "Hobo With a Shotgun" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LlazPgxKrA ) and it was dubbed "YouTube Star of the Moment" earlier this week by G4TechTV's Attack-of-the-Show!

I'm the dude in the ski-mask with the machete screaming. Tee-hee.

Check it out and rate it! This is looking like Eisener's big break.


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