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February 06, 2007


Frank did a good job on that episode. I think you should make him the permanent co-host!

Did I say that right Frank? :)


If you shoot Brian when filming commandN, who is going to edit it for you???

I used to help teach Final Cut Pro to college students if that helps, just have to work out how to get the raw footage over to me in the UK

Loads of Love & Luck with the auction tonight

Steve in the UK XX

PS, you still got those diamonds??? is that why you shot Brian???

yeah i saw that about the auction.

Were you up for bids or? like what role did you play

Amber is one of the main host at the charity auction for the Canadian Diabetes Association, so NO we don't get to bid for her

Maybe next year....

Steve in the UK

Great show as always. I'm a long-time fan -- been watching since show numero uno! It was great to see the cameo by Mikey... when will his new project get announced?


Thanks for featuring Growl. I was wondering who I could talk to about the perception you got when you first installed it from Adium that it looked like spyware, and how we can improve that.

- Chris
Growl Project Lead

luv ur eyeshadow, girl

I thought the font of the blogTV site was familiar.
The Israeli site is a part of a very popular website called TAPUZ (orange- the fruit) The site includes a very large forum community, an israeli virsion of youtube called Flix, blogs and blogTV
BlogTV is going on here for quite some time. The sad part is that it's being used mostly after 10pm for adult content purposes.
Rebecca, Israel

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