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February 06, 2007


Hi Amber

Great Show, was that the ghost of Mikey Past popping into the background, wearing a withes hat! about 11 mins in, just after Jeff's piece on iTunes?

Love & Luck

Steve in the UK XX

PS, cheers Jeff, my Audio books and videos are a lot easier to find in iTunes now..

hey guys,

very nice episode, and the tip on itunes. Wow I didn't even know.
Thanks alot keep it up. Amber did you go to the vista launch party? I had a friend there nammed Alonzo bartley.

Glad you guys have liked the iTunes segments!


Good episode - that sucks about Flickr, but it was probably inevitable.

Just one technical issue - the audio on Jeff's segment was at least a few dB too low.

Good hosting by Frank - you fit in well. And the Mikey cameo was awesome too ;)

Also - am I the only one for whom the style sheet for this site has disappeared? The design has suddenly gone very 1995...

Style sheet is fine for me :-)

Another great episode! I'd agree with Amber's comments re wengovisio, as I had problems when placed on a Joomla site...but only Mac FF and Safari users. My workaround caused display issues on one page.

Have you guys ever thought of doing a "behind the scenes" show? (apologies if you have done one previously, but I only started watching mid last year) where you show the process...shoot, edit, script(?), screen captures etc. Just curious how and who does what in the process.

Well done...again!

that would be an awesome idea!

Behind-the-scenes is a great idea! I'm going to shoot Brian this week - hope he's not reading this ;-).

Wouldn't shooting Brian hurt ? BTW, great job with this weeks episode. Frank was a great fit! And the Mikey cameo was too funny!

The site certainly was whacked out for a short while - I saw it too. TypePad was down for a bit, so I have to wonder if it wasn't related to that.

Everything looks fine now, though!


Behind-the-scenes is a great idea (and Amber - you know I always read the comments). Maybe not this week but soon!

Jeff's audio was much lower then the party audio. This is one issue with shooting in Toronto and Halifax but we are working on it.


Damn u Brian ;)! HAHAHA!

Yaay Mikey!

Amber I have a question for you. Do you live in toronto or commute like Leo did?

I'll video tape you shooting Brian Amber, that is if it's the kinda of shooting i'm thinking about, lol


If you videotape Amber SHOOTING me you could win an HD camera from Citytv (shameless plug)!



Deal, when can we get together to create this bloodbath, lol.

Holy crap, commandN has suddenly gone from weekly tech news to Toronto's Most Wanted! I know TV shows sometimes decide to head in a different creative direction but this is ridiculous!

Yes, we're a dangerous bunch! :)

I think my crack about street cred in my audiobooks segment must have subtly worked its way into their heads ;-) .

Yo, yo, yo,


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