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January 21, 2007


Hi Jeff

good to see that you have got your arm out of plaster and just in time to play with your Wii, Glad you are better.

Hi Amber

The skating with leo was really funny, shame it may be his last time on commandN.

One minor problem with the charger/cord organizer is that chargers get hot, and putting 4 or more of them in a box will make them get really HOT, they may not getting hot enough to catch fire but it will make them fail a lot earlier due to excessive heat. So be careful amber if you ever find the time to make one.

Great show though, its good to hear you laughing amber

Loads of Love & Luck and take care

Steve in the UK

Sorry Jeff

Forgot to ask, nows muzikDEN 4 coming on, any news of when it will be going online here?

Cheers mate

Steve in the UK

if leo is here every episode it will be like call for help all over again. :D

great episode, loved it, it's awesome!!!

never get enough of leo and amber.

Very entertaining and informative episode. Thanks for all the time and effort everyone puts into the show each week.

Haha! Amber may not have been drunk, but Leo was!

"Help I've fallen and I can't get up!"

<3 Leober.

What do you mean, no more Sweden and Denmark? I say you need *more* Scandinavia on the show!

...of course, being a Swede myself, I might be biased ;)

Also, might I suggest getting some spiked shoes? Those things save lives.


Unfortunately this is the last time Leo will be on commandN for a long time.

Call For Help has now moved West to Vancouver and we won't be hanging with him monthly anymore :(


STEVE: muzikDEN will be out before the end of the month. Just doing the final editing now but swamped with a lot of other things (including another trip coming up to Sri Lanka for the next episode of the RebuildAmpara.com tsunami reconstruction videos).

Thanks for the positive comments everyone! We'll miss Leo too :-( .



yeah i heard, that really sux, i mean i live in toronto too, although i've never been to the studio or anything but it just feels great to know that your favorite TV show is filmed in your city.

but i'm really happy that the new call for help will be filmed in HD, not sure when that is gonna be on TV, been seeing a lot of amber lately which is pretty cool.

well, at least we still got net@night

nothing stay the same in the world of tech.

love y'all.

That was so much fun, the fall at the end was hilarious. I heard about it on TalkShoe yesterday so I was kinda waiting to see it. Great show, Leo and Amber rock.

I've started humming Bolero as I watch the end of the episode now!

And if that's too vague a reference...

Good show, gang!

Loved last night on net@nite, too.

I'm sure Leo will have plenty to complain about with the weather in Vancouver. :-)

As for Second Life, I'd say they need a better Fire Marshall if they only allow 30 people at a venue. :-D

I finally went and set up the beginning of a website with Netfirms with the promo code COMMANDN. Thanks!

Time to build my own Web 2.0 website.


PS: That charger box needs a ventilation fan.


what did leo call the burning crusade? burning something... did he misspeak?

Brian, how do you keep steady infront of Amber and Leo acting like that? Good work!

David, from Sweden:

Thanks for your comment.

Between the shivering (it was cold), the sliding (we were on ice), and laughing at Leo and Amber - it was VERY HARD (and I feel I was a lot more shaky then I should have been).


Since Leo is traveling west, I thought i would pass on a nice travel link.
The top hostels in the world, from users of hostelworld.com :

1. Friendly Fun Frank's Backpacker Hostel, Riga, Latvia
"not only because of Cleanliness,Security,Staff,Location,Character,Fun.
But with the little Extras such as: -Bobsled Rides with the
Latvian Bobsledding Team
-AK - 47 Shooting In a Soviet Bunker"

Great show amber and leo!

You guys crack me up.

PS. I got bored of second life real easy. I tried to like it, I really did.

robbie the grapeguy

For the longest time I've been having trouble playing the CommandN "ipod" formatted videos on my PSP. BTW, other "ipod" formatted videos, (for example from Revision3 or DL.TV) play just fine on my PSP.

I think the problem is that the CommandN "ipod" videos are formatted for 640x426. If you look at the muzikDEN "ipod" formatted videos, they are formatted for 320x240. To me 320x240 is the correct size.

Is there something I'm missing to get CommandN without transcoding? I have been transcoding, but I would like a file format I can play directly on my PSP.

Thanks! Great show!

Hi Sean,

Only the original first episode of muzikDEN was 320x240 - it has now been replaced and it and each episode since has been 640x480.

That probably doesn't help you with your commandN problem, but thought you might want to know.

PS: New muzikDEN will be out in the next week.


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