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January 28, 2007


hey cmd N
man, that was another quick video - you guys need to slow down :P

Thanks for the cool ideas jeff - now all i need is a video ipod.

'til next wk!

Jeff, be honest. How did you figure that cable trick out?

CommandN still rocks, but it's not the same without Mikey.

That was a short one:(
The weather looks awful!
I'm flying to new york next week and I'm pretty worried about the weather there (not thats its the same...)

It was SO cold...like, really cold! It was probably the coldest day we're going to have all year, so it's all uphill from here.

Thx for the comments!

Hi Sammy,

Before I explain, I wanted to note that it looks like Apple has reduced the prices on their "proprietary" connectors from the outrageous price they used to be in the Apple store.

In any case, I already had a connector for my Sony video camera that looked EXACTLY the same as the Apple branded one. I figured I would see if I could at least get the sound out of that one (the one you see in the video) and noticed that I did get sound, but only out of one of the speakers. So I tried the other plugs to see if one of them was wired for the other speaker and the rest is history. :-)

Thanks for watching,


kool...Amber's got her own personal alerts on MySpace

That cable trick Jeff gave was great! I'm guessing someone accidentially plugged one of those in wrong one day and voila! Thanks for sharing the great money saving tip!

Great episode although Amber looks lonely, we need Mikey back.. well anyways I loved the cable trick and Jeff great shirt 8^)... Presidente is the best beer ever, in my opinion anyways

Hi EC - the Presidente shirt was actually a gift from Amber when she was in Dominican (I travelled there afterwards too). It is good beer!


nice itunes trick, but how about this...

how can i make the Audio Books I ripped from MY CD's show up as Audio Books?


Kim - I've actually been looking into that myself and am planning a segment on it in the near future - you must be a mind reader :-) .

Thanks for watching,


the voicemail thing has been around forever with k7.net...

Jeff, sent you an email but no reply....are you aware that the iPod version is not listing this episode via iTunes? Different feed to last time (264), but again, it appears to be an issue with the format of the feed.

BTW, I note your comment for MuzicDen...is the H264 version the best/smallest to download for CN? Happy with whatever version reduces download traffic.

Hi Phil,

Yeah, we've been checking into this but can't figure out what's wrong. We'll keep on it (just been busy getting muzikDEN out and all).

In terms of muzikDEN, the file sizes are all listed in the post, so the smallest one is h264 small and then h264 - either of those are better for us than the giant iPod file :-) .



In terms of the feed, it's like the other week with 264..it's missing the enclosure class and all divs associated with it, but I have no idea how that all works....just notice the difference in coding.

Re sizes...I meant given your Muziden comment and sizes, what would you prefer we do for CN, as they don't list sizes next to the various fomats.

Great show as always. I can totally relate re: the deep freeze. After spending 10 years in Vancouver, my body had completely forgotten what Ottawa winters were like. All I have to say is 'Yuk!'. Although, with Vancouver getting some weird weather, and at least a late start to the freeze in Ottawa, my first full winter back east doesn't seem that bad, yet. When it's minus-20 in late March, I'll probably have a different opinion :-)

btw: thanks for checking out meme.ca.

re: iSquint - great tool. If you can afford to shell out a few extra bucks, the upgrade to VisualHub is totally worth it IMO.


All feed issues should be fixed now.

This appears to be an issue with Feedburner losing the connection with our server and creating errors.

As for the XML code - I use Feeder to create the XML files. It was updated recently and they fixed some issues (hence the different code).

Phil - you can download whatever format you want for commandN. The H.264 file is the smallest but it would be very rare for any of the other formats to ever exceed 200MB+.


Yeah, Phil - commandN is sooooo much shorter than muzikDEN (which is a half hour show) that it's not as big a concern :-) .

(and three cheers for Brian for fixing our feeds! ;-) )


That's cool thanks. BTW, episode 77 started downloading as I luanched iTunes this morning. Thanks.

Jeff -- Could you also talk about making downloaded episodes of a show show up in the podcast directory? I have one radio show that allows me to download the individual files, but won't let me put them into the podcast directory. I guess it might be along the same idea as the audio books.

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