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January 07, 2007


what happened Amber?

i'm sry to say but commandN is just not the same anymore without Mike, plz get him back plz!!!!! (i'll still be watching as long as you are still here, Amber :D)

amber, this is dan from The Rotted Brain Podcast. We talked about payperpost on our latest episode (Jan 4th) as well. They actually changed their mind on the performancing deal. Mike Arrington dubbed it 'Amatuer Hour at PayPerPost' on TechCrunch about this story.

The onscreen link is wrong, you have scobelizer.com and it should be scobleizer.com...

Thanks Kurt. Was editing quite fast and must have missed that.

BPhelmet (and anyone who feels the same) - would like to know what specific it is that you feel is different about cN without Mikey? This will help us in our search for a new co-host.


I whole-heartedly approve of Will.

I love Amber as well, but it's not nearly as fun without another host. I need banter in my podcasts dagnammit!

I would just like to see another co-host who is willing to duke it out with Amber, sorta like Mike (ie. Mac vs. PC).

Perhaps have a "Tale of the Tape" with each hosts operating systems and brand affiliations. Haha.

thanks for the shout out will!

Thx for all the feedback! It's much more fun for me as well with a co-host, so we'll keep it up.

And big thanks to Will for helping out - he was great ;-)!


i'm not saying that i don't like the show or anything. i love the show, i'll keep watching as long as you guys keep making them.

will is really kinda tight, he's okay, i mean mikey is really lose and really open, i mean mikey is really approachable. i mean he looks like he's really enjoy making this show, and he's really having fun, that way it makes us, the views a lot happier and make the whole show more enjoyable, and episode with leo was really great.

just my personal feelings, and btw it's really sad you left call for help. been watching you on CityTV (i live in toronto). seems like less fun more work :D anyways i love you amber :D

Thanks Amber and Brian for having me on the show. You're both so fun to hang out with!

If I seemed like I wasn't having a total blast, it's only because I was a little nervous at first. This was my first time ever on a video podcast, and to be the special guest of my friend Amber on one of my own favorite shows made me not want to mess it up.

You can tell by the end of the show that I loosened up and was just having fun with it. If I'm lucky enough to get invited back I'll stay relaxed from start to finish, because I've learned that's what makes it the best! :)

Oh, and you're welcome Roland!

hi Guys. You don't like to post your podcast in iTunes anymore? or do they take too long to make it available? I rather get it all my podcasts from iTunes than download from each site. PS: looking forward to Macworld Expo tomorrow!!!


I update the feeds before we post it on the site but it takes longer to appear in iTunes for some reason (74 is there now).

Will - it was a blast having you on the show and hopefully we can get you back on one day.


good show peeps -

i like this format (havin a co-host and all). Will did great, i think. As always keep up the great show.

I am glad you helped me to clarify this. I was subscribed to the MPEG4 version in iTunes, which has up to episode 73 now. But I checked the h.264 version which has 74 already. So I subscribed to this version and removed the other version. We are all set now.

Hey Will,

You did a great job - everyone is a little nervous off the top of a shoot when they haven't done it before, but you loosened up very quickly.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone - your opinions are important to us, so definitely let us know what you like and (nicely ;-) ) don't like.

Thanks for watching!


great CommandN. Will did great and worked well with Amber. Jeff had a nice segment as well. keep it up.

Hi Amber, Jeff and Brain

I have been waiting for commandN 74 to come up on iTunes after you said it was on there yesterday, but here in the UK it's still not there. Any reason why that is? So I have had to download it from here, sorry to use up your bandwidth..

Great show though, glad to see you on there, even with your arm in a cast.

Poor Will, you can't put the guy down for being nervous, he was standing next to Amber with a video camera in his face for the first time. I would be to nervous to talk just being in the same room as her, Will, hope to see you on commandN again soon, did you can in trouble for sticking your tongue out at her, your a brave man.

Amber & Jeff, good luck with the Web2.0 project, it sounds interesting.

What I don't like about the episode is that you seem to have dropped the outtakes from the end, it's always funny to see Amber mess up, being the Professional that she is.

Keep up the great work

Loads of Luck

Steve in the UK

Hi Again

commandN 74 has just come up on iTunes in the UK

Not sure if it was any of you guys and girl or just Apple, but thanks anyway

Steve in the UK

I'm not sure if they'd want you doing it every time Jeff...or if it would resolve the update issue, but there is a way to force iTunes feeds to update on the iTunes store....


Read the bit about pinging. Hope it helps. Phil

Lord, I am a walking blooper! I don't think Bri will have any trouble with outtakes...if people enjoy them ;)?!


I'd vote "No"...or only if they were very brief. I've stopped watching GeekBrief because it seems half commercial and half outtakes real. It might be amusing now and again, but now...well, it's just painful full-stop (period for US readers). And for those on a data cap, seeing a podcast download very slowly only to find half of it is bloopers!? Grr!

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