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December 17, 2006


Good to hear your brother and Fam are ok! Thanks for the update, and thank you for all the content in 2006!

glad to know that youre all ok Jeff, you and your family. hang in there and hope you guys get well soon.

Glad to hear that Jeff and Robin are doing well and I hope they will recover 100%.

thx everyone - nice 2 hear yr wrds of support


Glad to hear that only the car was badly damaged.

Get well soon Jeff & Robin

Jeff, I'm glad to hear you and your wife are alright and I hope your recovery goes well.

Looking forward to the holiday episode of CommandN.

Do you mean January 2007?

There's always an idiot driver out there with no regard for others. Glad to hear you and Robin didn't get seriously hurt. Looking forward to the next muzikDEN in January. Happy Holidays!

Jeff, I'm glad to hear you are all okay. Make sure you get Amber to pick up the slack over the holidays.
Happy Holidays to All...

Thoughts go out to you Jeff. Take it easy, and get well soon!

Sorry to hear about what happened to Jeff and his wife, I hope they feel better soon.

Get well soon Jeff! Best wishes to you and your family.

All the best to the MacArthur clan

Ouch. I hope your arm heals properly, Jeff. The driver who ran the light should have his/her license revoked for a few years at a minimum.

thx again 4 all the kind wishes evryone.

my arm should heal in 4-6 wks, but hopefully will start 2 hurt less b4 then :-)


Take your time and get better. Even though I am not into music that much I enjoy muzikden.

Thanks for the info..I'm sure they will surely recover from the situation..Get well soon guys..

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